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    Re: I want to wean my son

    Daisyboo~ I just want to send you some hugs. It is so clear that you are a dedicated mother to your children. I am inspired by you. For you, I hope that this weaning process goes well.
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    Re: Maxed out pump settings

    Yes, what mommal said. I had a similar situation & the hospital grade pump was eons better than my freestyle, so much so that I gave up with the freestyle. And changing the membranes could also...
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    Re: Donating Milk?

    I would wait at this point before donating to better see what your needs are. Some women dont respond as well to the pump- i only could pump 2/3 of my daughter's daily volume when at work so we...
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    Re: 13 Months & Counting!!

    Yay! Lucky baby & lucky mama. I too welcome you to the toddler nursing club. It's quite different in the second year- now you feed AND heal boo boos, nurse toys alongside baby, diffuse tantrums, and...
  5. Re: Bottle to Breast for Difficult to Wake Preemie

    Here some thoughts that came to mind as I read your post:
    1) spend as much time as you can skin-to-skin. I mean no bra, just a diaper between you two. That may tempt her over time to begin rooting...
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    Re: Almost there...

    To add to PP, my DH & I told family our pediatrician strong recommended to continue BF our LO per the world health organization guidelines & ended it there. Haven't heard any problems from anyone in...
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    Re: Medela PISA replacing parts

    Contact Medelas service dept. they are very helpful & would know the best info. Their US phone number is 1-800-435-8316
  8. Re: Another blip on our path back to EBF :(

    Just a few thoughts came to mind while I read your situation.

    1) have you considered pumping at least once during his long sleeping stretches? Even if you don't yield much milk, you may benefit...
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    Re: Vegan Mom and Breastfeeding 7 mos old

    For what its worth, I've tried all of the above while breastfeeding & had no problems.
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    Re: First birthday!

    Kudos- you're right, it's quite an accomplishment so be proud!!
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    Re: Baby led solids?

    I think 4.5 months is too young to actually eat the food but to hold, explore, even taste I think would be fine. My LO seemed interested at 5 months, grabbing my food & watching intently as I put...
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    Re: Weight issue

    My daughter has always been at the 0.2 percentile (yes, you see the decimal point) on the WHO breastfeeding growth chart since she was a month old. Per our pediatrician, What matters is not the...
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    Re: Visitors and breast feeding

    My mantra as a new mom to any advice given to me, whether it was liked or otherwise, was "I'll take that under consideration." if I liked the advice, I'd look into it further, if not, I let the idea...
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    Re: We've made it!!!!!!

    Kudos! Great work,mama :-)
  15. Re: weight gain - stress! fortifying 2 bottles/day

    **HUGS**. It sounds like this is a very tough time for you.

    Please don't get so focused on the numbers from the growth chart. They have their place in watching for signs of growth but so is...
  16. Re: Should I try dom? Anything else to try first?

    I don't have an answer for you but your experience almost sounds like a carbon copy of mine. My heart goes out to you because I know how hard you are working & how frustrating it feels. I ended up on...
  17. Re: Dip in milk supply and nothing is seeming to work

    Pump in style is NOT a hospital grade pump. It may work better than the swing but it's not designed to increase milk supply like a symphony or lactina (medela brand, I don't know the names of Ameda...
  18. Re: Only getting 1-2 oz each time I pump. Should I just stop

    Yes, pump for at least 10 min. I pump for 20 min & get 3-4 let-downs in an average session with "bursts" of milk produced. It makes a big difference. I used to only pump for 14 min but when I...
  19. Re: Need more suggestions for increasing supply?

    You may want to consider renting a hospital grade pump for a bit because they are designed to increase supply whereas the kinds you buy for personal use are designed to maintain an already...
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    Re: When should I start weaning my LO?

    First- HUGS to you. So many of us mothers understand the panic & concern you may be feeling, we have been there too. You are doing a great job- you made it to 8 months, with a stash to keep going...
  21. Re: Weaning in Conjunction w/ Mama's Surgery

    Will you have others to help you take care of your little one? Breastfeeding aside, it might be helpful to have at least one other person to entertain your son so you can rest & heal. If he is...
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    Re: Need some virtual hugs...

    Thank you, mamas! I just really needed some hugs & you all make me feel better. I'll keep offering as DD needs to BF & I'll go with the flow as you said. We have just worked so hard to get to this...
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    Re: Pumping Newbie...lots of questions

    I don't really have anything to add just want to say good luck. Going back to work is emotionally hard because you miss your baby. Be gentle with yourself & baby as you all get used to a new...
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    Re: Baby not taking bottle

    My daughter struggled to take a bottle when I first returned to work. Eventually she got used to bottles but prefers the breast. Only my husband (or daycare person) bottle feed, I always feed at...
  25. Re: Connecting with other working mothers/children?

    Some areas have LLL groups designed for the working moms which would be a great place to meet other moms who are both working & breastfeeding. Maybe contact a local leader to inquire. If there isn't...
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