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  1. Returning to work with older BF toddler- what to do?

    I am finally returning to full time work as my child is about 18 months. But I'm unsure how to manage the transition with breastfeeding, as much of the information is geared to under 1 year babies....
  2. When to night feed? Cues for older babies

    My 4.5 month old babe is now sleeping longer stretches at night (6-7 hours) but she seems to wake most nights about 3 AM (after going to bed at 10). Sometimes she goes back to sleep with a few pats,...
  3. Re: advice please on my baby beating at the breast

    I can sympathize as my baby started to do this also. I found that a yelp of pain and a simple, serious "No! No pulling" seemed to work, as she now rarely turns her head with the nipple still latched....
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    Breaking latch all the time

    I am having problems with my 6 week dd breaking the suction when feeding repeatedly. She usually latches well initially, but then after the let down, and she starts sucking well for a few sucks,...
  5. Anyone using alternative feeding methods with pumping?

    I am interested in pumping so that we can have an occasional time away from baby if needed, but worried about nipple confusion, not to mention jeopardizing the hard earned latch we've achieved (6...
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    When to switch breasts?

    Thanks to the info on this site and others, my almost 6 weeker seems to be doing much better with a fast letdown and doesn't choke or cough as much with feeding now. I have been sticking with one...
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    Nighttime feeding- advice please!

    I am confused about the advice about nighttime feeding. My little one is 5 weeks, has been gaining weight well, so I was told to just let her sleep at night, and "let her wake me up" when she's ready...
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    Shallow latch correction

    My little one is 5 weeks and we have been trying block feeding for oversupply/OALD which seems to be improving somewhat. However, she has a fairly shallow latch, and has the habit of "smacking" every...
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