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    Re: Nb and side lying nursing

    Thanks ladies! I think I am going to make an effort to work on side lying during the day... When there's light... And hopefully we'll either get it or figure something else out. I like the...
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    Nb and side lying nursing

    DS is 1.5 wks. He and I would love to rejoin DH in the bedroom (i long to sleep horizontal...) but we cant quite get side lying nursing which i would like to use at night. Does it just take a while...
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    Re: Solids to help with BM

    3rd on the no-bananas, also rice cereal. DD was always... helped along... by the P fruits and BEANS! Beans are a great early food - soft, full of nutrition - as long as LO has developed the pincher...
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    Re: Working moms

    We supplemented for a few days, so DD was introduced to the bottle early on... but at 10 weeks refused that particular bottle, sending us into try-every-bottle hell. If you have bottle feeding...
  5. Re: Back to work in Jan - need strategy

    We had to supplement DD for a few days, early on. Once that was over we thought, well at least we know she'll take these nice $$$ Avent bottles. Oops. Fast forward 2 mos, I'm going back to work,...
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    Re: Traveling tips

    If you use an Ergo or other carrier, be prepared to take baby out. We traveled early in October - on the way out, I was allowed to keep DD in the carrier and be "wanded" but on the flight home I was...
  7. Re: pumping vs frozen vs partial weaning

    Thanks all, I love the idea of doing yogurt vs 4th bottle as she loves yogurt (straight plain, which confuses dcp :lol ). When you say "yogurt drink" do you mean a kefir-type drink?
    Would you put...
  8. pumping vs frozen vs partial weaning?

    This is kind of a long post, so thanks for hanging in there.

    Background: DD is 10 mos, very healthy and a good (albeit highly distracted) nurser. She is EBF, I WOH FT and pump bottles for...
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    Re: question for working mama's

    :hug BTDT and I'm not sure it's going to get easier (until middle school, maybe. I was a brat in MS, sure my folks were glad to foist me on someone else for 8 hours a day!).
    I wonder how DD will...
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    Re: having trouble pumping at home?

    OP here, thanks for the suggestions. I am starting to think that she's not taking a "full" feeding at the dreamfeed, as this AM I went into work late and so tried to nurse her when she first woke...
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    having trouble pumping at home?

    *sorry, i guess this should have gone in the pumping forum. I don't know how to move it...*
    DD is 8.5 mos, 18-20 lbs (not sure, 9 mo visit is in a week or so). Very, very active and very healthy,...
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    Re: Random BLS rambles

    Funny, DH and I have been battling the mesh feeders for a few weeks now. My mother has SEEN DD self feeding (melon, sweet potato, hamburger) on multiple occasions but still felt the need to...
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    Re: A Million Questions

    Oh mama, I remember getting ready to go back to work... the whole pumping and daycare and how much, etc made things 10x more stressful but it WILL be fine! Great questions, I had many of the same...
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    Re: Sleep help!!

    My almost-6mo-DD did not sleep anywhere but in someone's arms for the first 2 mos of her life (maybe three. I can't remember) and still naps best in-arms. Similar to you, DH was against...
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    BLS and daycare recs?

    Hi all, DD Is 5.5 mo and EBF until a few weeks ago when she started some solids. I intended to hold off on solids, just gave her something to play with while "getting used to the high chair"... and...
  16. Re: how to settle baby after evening feeding

    We had this same issue and basically handled it by moving at the speed of paint drying, lol. It does get better as they get older! Ideas that worked for us:
    Are your crib/bassinet sheets flannel? ...
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    Re: Does this sound right?

    Growth spurt, cold, starting back to work, mastitis... all in a 2 wk period? Makes sense to me if murphy's law is in effect!
    She usually will nurse every 1-1/2 hours if we're together... 2 hours is...
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    Does this sound right?

    Strange occurrence at daycare today. DD is 11 wks, this is only her 2nd week at daycare and only her 2nd week + 2 days of taking a bottle without shrieking:eye
    She has always been the grazer type,...
  19. Re: Discussing pumping with boss... opinions please

    Haha! Turns out there was mothing to worry about - I waaaaay overestimated their willimgness to discuss anything involving the word "breast!" I met with my boss and his boss,mostly to discuss...
  20. Re: Discussing pumping with boss... opinions please

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the thoughts and ideas - I meet with my boss(es) tomorrow so I will let you know how it goes. Maybe they will be so embarrassed by my total willingness to use the word...
  21. Discussing pumping with boss... opinions please

    I am headed back to work in a week or so (LO will be 10 wo). She will be in daycare about half the time, with DH the other half, and I will be pumping at work in order to send bottles wherever they...
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    Re: very frequent feedings

    Something I figured out for everyday, but also a lifesaver for growth spurts - get a small tote bucket-type thing to have with you. Mine's got my phone, Kindle, water bottle, magazine, snacks,...
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    Re: Hand-sucking always = hunger?

    I don't think it always means hunger... at least, I hope not! DD started doing the hand/finger sucking about a week ago (8 wks). It seems like she just figured out, "HEY these are part of my body...
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    Re: tounge tie or just shallow latch?

    Thanks. The pain has gotten much, much better over the past few weeks but the more I read, the more concerned I have been getting about the lipstick nips. I think I'll make an appt with an LC to...
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    tounge tie or just shallow latch?

    LO is 5 wks and we've had some latch issues from the start, resulting in sore cracked nipples. Have resolved most of the issues and nipples are healing although still sore and very sensitive between...
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