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    Re: baby too big???

    I don't eat alot of anything in particular...in fact I stay away from fatty and greasy foods (they upset mine and los tummy) I'm below my prepregnancy weight:gvibes. I also ebf my 1st and he didnt...
  2. Re: When can I pump? Milk supply?

    I started a bottle a day at 5 or 6 wo, but always replaced the feeding with a pumping session. I had to return to work though so I needed the milk for the next day.
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    Re: Schedule?! I need sleep!

    Are you cosleeping?? I found having ds right beside me helped alot for night feedings. We mastered the laying down position early (ds1 had a hard time with it and it meant lots of sleepless...
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    Re: Please help I want to quit.

    :hugGreat advice from pp. I just wanted to say that you are not alone in all the frustration, but after a while you guys will be pros and you will forget all the trouble (until you have another...
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    Re: Letdown

    If lo pulls of while you are having one your breasts will leak, mine both go at the same time so if baby is nursing off one, the other will start dripping (or spraying all over the place OALD :lol)
  6. Re: Blood in 3 month old stool and also often green

    It sounds like a milk protein allergy to me. DS's started at about 5wo. All my drs were like...hes fine....its ok...hes got a bug:angrypin. Finally I had them refer me to a GI specialist and took...
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    Re: couple concerns

    :ita:ita:ita with pp. My lo is 5mo and still eats every 2-3 hours during the day. (hes finally going longer at night though:D) As of right now hes gone 6days without a poop and I'm not...
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    Re: Which Pump Do you Use?

    My dr office has a program called "lets connect" The nurse who runs it is a IBCLC and they have pumps to use. So for a $10 deposit I've had the use of a medela lactina select double electric pump...
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    Re: Under pressure to quit!!

    :hug:hug Sorry to hear that your family is so unsupportive. These forums are amazing when you are feeling down and pressured.
    When I started pumping (I had to go to work when LO was 2mo) I was...
  10. Re: If I knew then what I know now.....

    :ita:ita:ita with pp
    I wouldn't have let ppl pressure me into starting solids early, or weaning early, or feeling guilty about feeding baby 24/7 for the first couple months!! I would have slept...
  11. Re: Cluster Feeding or Comfort Feeding?

    :hug Both my boys nursed constantly for the first couple months. I used a paci with both boys from very early on:shrug (ds1 was screaming and my mom shoved one in his mouth and said "There!") I was...
  12. Re: Please help with breastfeeding questions

    :hello Sounds to me like you are doing great!!:thumbsup
    Spitting up has been a normal thing for us for a long time...ds1 grew out of it aroung the time he was walking and ds2 is still doing...
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    Re: white spot

    :hug Both my ds have had white tongues as long as I've ebf. It started to go away with ds1 when I introduced solids. Iwas gonna ask my mw about it with ds2 but she turned to her student and said...
  14. Re: When do you introduce bottle of EBM?

    With ds1 we tried him on one at 4 weeks and with ds2 we waited 6 weeks, but like pp we never had a problem with nipple confusion. I would try your lo with the bottle a couple times before you go out...
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    Re: poop and rash question

    When DS started solids I was using an iron fortified rice cereal and it gave him fairly hard poops (they weren't pellets but close). The doc said they were ok and it was from the iron, but he...
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    Re: Rash on Chin - food allergy?

    I agree with pp that it is prolly a teething/drool related rash. DS1 had a rash like that for his entire first summer, but he also used a paci and I think that caused alot of it too! We switched to...
  17. Re: Anyone else deal with a lactose intolerant baby?

    My DS was not lactose intolerant but had a milk protein allergy. I went off milk when he was 6wo and slowly started reintroducing it a couple weeks ago and so far he seems to be doing alright with...
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    Re: not enough milk??

    Anything I've ever read or heard says that is how to reduce your milk supply not make more. As pp said, if your baby is making enough wet and poopy diapers everything sounds good. As far as pumping...
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    Re: Gripe Water

    In my experience the gripe water did nothing but get my LOs to keep their paci in for a few seconds. DS1 had colick and reflux. We used to lay him facedown on our forarm and rub his back while...
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    Re: Sore Breasts...help?

    It sounds like a plugged duct to me. When I have had them they sorta feel like a bruise and depending how deep they are sometimes I had a lump and sometimes I didn't. Here is a great link......
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    Re: No Dairy

    Good for you mama!:clap
    Living dairy free is really hard. I only had to do it for a couple months and thankfully DS seems to have grown out of it somewhat. I still limit my dairy but can have cream...
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    Re: Pumping

    I think its normal for you to only have a tiny bit after pumping. You have been ebf your baby so your body is making the perfect amount to feed him. Try pumping a little after every feeding during...
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    My LO just turned 4mo and for the last couple days he has been biting me! (sorta) He eats fine for 5-10 mins then he clamps down...really hard and yanks his head to the side really fast-taking my...
  24. Re: Plugged Duct-What can I do?

    I have one side that is very prone to plugged ducts and wound up with a nasty case of mastitis while nursing DS1. Around the 3mo mark with DS2 I had clogs again in the same breast. I tried...
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    Re: blood in stool

    My LO just turned 4 mo and he was diagnosed as having a milk allergy around 2mo. I went off everything dairy and soy for well over a month (didnt even have cream in my coffee:sigh) It didnt seem to...
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