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  1. Re: Shallow latch at 11 weeks and not having enough wet diap

    This is very helpful. We have a lot of these symptoms. So, do you suggest I pump before I feed? Often when I pump I get 5 ozs from each side. Should I pump more often so that when I pump I'm...
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    Re: Won't nurse during the day

    Your milk supply will go down if your baby isn't nursing during the day. So, if you want to protect that supply, then I recommend you pump.

    My baby does the same thing, she's 3 months old and...
  3. What's your favorite bottle warmer?

    After reading about the Lipase issue, I seem to have mine once the milk is frozen. So, I'm gonna buy a bottle warmer and scald my milk before I freeze it.

    It seems that the Munchkin is one that...
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