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  1. Re: Having Surgery, What Should I Do?

    Thank you so much!! That makes things clearer for me and I feel better, I really wasn't ready to wean him.
  2. Re: Having Surgery, What Should I Do?

    Yes, I have to do it now, I was going to do it before I came back to work, but put it off then because he was too little. I have a Medela Freestyle pump that I use to pump at work.

    I think I'm...
  3. Having Surgery, What Should I Do?

    Here's the deal...My son is currently 7.5 months old and will be 10 days shy of 9 months old when I have surgery.

    I am having my tonsils out and my uvula made smaller. My Dr. said that I will be...
  4. Re: Having Surgery - How Long to Pump & Dump

    Thank you! I plan to talk to the anesthesiologist, I just wanted to get an idea of what to plan for.
  5. Having Surgery - How Long to Pump & Dump

    I am having minor surgery in a few weeks (tonsils out). DS will be either 8 months old when I have the surgery. How long do I have to pump and dump after anesthesia. I don't plan on taking any...
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    Re: We've night-weaned:)

    so I shouldn't be concerned that my 7 month old is still waking up anywhere from 3-5 times per night?
  7. Re: Gas... could it be Fenugreek? Exercise? Try Gripe water??

    I had to stop taking Fenugreek because it was giving my DS gas. I tried it twice and both times I started taking it DS woke up with horrible gas. :cry
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    Re: My rant about horn sizes

    I'm not sure if this will help. I also end up looking like I am not using the right size.

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