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    Re: Pumping stories

    I pumped during my lunch breaks in my office. During one break, I had to do a web conference call. There is no video, just audio so we can talk to eachother. At the beginning was a powerpoint...
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    Re: Family Criticism

    My MIL was critical when I was nursing my first son. Her niece, my husband's cousin is a black sheep in the family and she has two boys who are quite a handful. "Not well behaved" as the relatives...
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    Re: Migraines and Prolactin

    I have made myself a reminder to come post in 3 weeks. I am going to pump at lunch...but I hate pumping so much that I am not sure how that will work. I find I subconsiously sabotage myself...
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    Migraines and Prolactin

    My children are 3 years apart. For about a year before I got pregnant with my daughter, I had debilitating migraines. I was incapacitated for an average of 6 days a month and most of the other days...
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    Re: Am I nursing enough?

    My girl is generally healthy and eats a variety of foods. She is definitely well-hydrated. I think I was unnecessarily worried because my family doctor puts too much emphasis on "ounces" of milk. ...
  6. Re: Anyone have 2008 edition of Hale?

    I will try the nasal spray, thanks. However, I have terrible side effects from Imitrex..it gives me a headache! In addition to my migraine which throbs at the side of my head, I get new headache pain...
  7. Re: Anyone have 2008 edition of Hale?

    Oh I tried the Amazon thing. Although I searched from the sale page of the 2008 edition, the search results had a note that it was from the 2006 edition.
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    Am I nursing enough?

    I nurse 2 to 3 times per day on weekdays and 3 to 4 times on the weekend. My 14 month daughter drinks about 6oz of cow's milk a day at daycare. She likes cow's milk and I am happy to give it to...
  9. Anyone have 2008 edition of Hale?

    I wanted to know if their was updated info on naratriptan (Amerge) and almotriptan (Axert). Imitrex does not work for me and I have used these with success when I wasn't pregnant or nursing. In the...
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    Re: Am I doing it right?

    I got a candy thermometer when I started scalding. It eliminated all the anxiety you are having. Plus, if you get a thermometer, you won't have to heat it so high. If you are getting bubbles, it's...
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    Re: Pediatrition :( rant

    This is sort of off-topic but I have decided to stop lying to my pediatrician. I think they are so misguided on some things and I wonder if it is because moms lie to them. For instance, sleeping...
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    Re: I HATE pumping!

    I hate hate HATE pumping! With my son, I forced myself to pump beyond my point of sanity. I pumped at night, on the weekends, etc. (I pumped while at work and couldn't pump enough, which in my...
  13. Cutting out pumping session-too early?

    My DD is 3 months old and takes about 3 bottles while I am at work (totalling 12 oz). I pump between 15 and 18 oz per day pumping 3 times. Would it be okay for me to go down to pumping twice a day?...
  14. mastitis-when will my fever break?

    I have a fever of 103.6 even after taking both tylenol and ibuprofen. I was prescibed Ceflex and have taken 2 doses already. Those who have had similar experience, how long did it take for the...
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    Re: Pump Parts in Fridge?

    I store my parts in the fridge in the lactation room. Before I leave my office to pump, I microwave my "bust buddies" for 30 seconds. They are gel packs sized for your breast with a hole for your...
  16. Re: Tired of Complaints, Time for Cup?

    You know what I don't understand. Why does any baby "graduate" beyond slow flow nipples? Wouldn't it be best to teach our children to eat slowly to help them recognize satiety? And as for babies...
  17. Re: OK to pump for night feeding help?

    Between 4 to 16 weeks I did this about twice every 3 weeks. I didn't let myself go more than 6 hours without pumping or nursing and my husband wasn't allowed to give more than one bottle (or two...
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    Re: Poll: How many Oz in bottle

    My LO is at daycare for 10 hours and I nurse her at lunch right in the middle of the ten hour block. She takes a 4oz bottle mid morning and a 4oz bottle midafternoon. Her 1st 2 weeks there, she...
  19. Re: 8 months of pumping and freezing.... Gone

    I read someone's theory on this. The milk storage studies are based on measurable bacteria. No one is tasting the milk. So even if milk smells like vomit and no infant would go near it with a ten...
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    Oasis Prolactation Tea

    Does anyone take this? I bought some and I lost the instructions. It is loose tea and I need to know how much of the tea per how many parts water. Any info?
  21. Re: Lipase issue - How do you know?

    How do you know? Experiment

    Take a block of time and sterilize everything that will touch or breathe on your milk-pump parts, storage containers, etc. Wash your hands and pump an ounce or two. ...
  22. Re: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    I have a 4 month old. When I get these comments, I say "Why would I want to rush to solids? It just will make my life harder because I'll have to start preparing baby food and cleaning more dishes? ...
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    Re: Ameda vs. Medela Pumps

    The Lansinoh pump is manufactured by Ameda. It is exactly the same as the Purely Yours except it is prettier and cheaper (It's purple). If I wasnt renting, that's definitely what I would buy.

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    Re: Left over thawed milk?

    Here's an idea. I am pumping for my 4 month old. When my thawed milk is about to "expire", I give it to my toddler in a sippy cup. That way I don't feel like it is wasted.
  25. Neutralizing Lipase-Crazy crazy idea

    Okay, I know this is a crazy idea. But I am going to do an experiment. I just read that the diet pill Alli works by neutralizing lipase. My milk has too much lipase. I am going to take some fresh...
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