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    Re: MRI and BFing - please advise

    Did your MRI happen yet? It's really your choice, but if it were me I would be too concerned to risk Bfing against medical advice. It's such a brief period, do you have a pump? If so, just pump...
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    Re: 9 mo well check-up...so frustrated

    My LO is about 5.5 months old and she also struggles with the naps. The only thing that helps is the pacifier and sometimes sleeping on her tummy. I read the book "healthy sleep happy child," and...
  3. Re: Question re sudden drop in productio

    Thank you to everyone on the thoughts. To answer your questions, definitely not pregnant (had Mirena IUD implanted in late August). Since contraceptive hasn't changed since late August, that...
  4. Re: when did you move your LO to thier r

    We moved our 5 mo old girl to her crib in her own room at 6 weeks. She has done wonderfully, sleeps through the night and has done so since that point. At 2-3 month time frame she was sleeping from...
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    Re: Under-active letdown?

    This response isn't going to help you, I apologize for that, but I'm wondering how they figure out if you have "much of a letdown." I have never felt letdown at all, the breast just get full...
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    Re: Not gaining waight properly?

    I would suggest that you nurse on demand, or every 2-3 hours if demand is not made. Then, after each feeding, give 2 oz formula. Or, if you're stressed about bottles, give 1 or 2 bottles a day with...
  7. Question re sudden drop in production

    I am going to provide some detailed history and I hope you can give me insight into (a) how to get back to this level of production, or (b) thoughts why I might have had this sudden drop.

    My 5...
  8. Re: how many times/day are you nursing?

    My Fiona nurses or has her expressed bottles about every 3-4 hours. Sounds quite normal to me!
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    fussy baby means low production?

    My 7 week old was nursing well with a nipple sheild during weeks 2-3, then I discontinued use of the shield to avoid potential lowered production. She continues to nurse on the nipple, but for...
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