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    Re: Picking "all done" dates?


    DD also seems to get the most milk at nap time. Not sure why that is either but wanted to share. I am pregnant with #2 and thought DD would wean on her own.. no dice. She is adamant...
  2. Re: "No food or drink after midnight?!?!?"

    No advise here, just sympathy. :hug
    Hope everything goes well. That's a tough call. The last think I want is DD to spend the night before a scary situation awake and frustrated. Any other options?...
  3. Re: Please help: Advice needed regarding weaning

    How about making "milkies" a sleep thing. Addison did well with weaning when I was consistent and told her we could have milkies at sleep time. That's only twice a day..:shrug

    good luck.

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    Re: Am I doing this all wrong?

    Your mommy instincts were right on. My daughter always had one full feed from one breast and then at the next feeding she would take the other breast. If I had 10 minutes on each breast she never...
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    Re: Need Help Nursing 16-Month-Old

    Well at 18 months we night weaned and I don't regret it one bit. It has allowed me to continue breastfeeding a very happy 2 year old all the way through this pregnancy.
    We night weaned by...
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    Re: Sex & BF...?!?!

    I had a midwife and received an extra stitch. It took us 6 months and a lot of patience before it felt good again. Take it easy.

    Laurie (Mommy to Addison 10/7/-8 and DS due 12/1/10.) Breastfeeding...
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    Re: How to start the weaning process

    Smudgycat: Moments where you want to say "give me your mom card, you no longer deserve to call yourself a mom." How awful!

    I too was struggling with losing the last 20 pounds of pregnancy weight...
  8. Re: Getting Frustrated with My 19 month Old

    Well the secret for us was at 18 months we moved DD to her crib with 3 sides, the 4th open side pushed against our bed. The extra room has allowed her to sleep much more soundly and I am there if she...
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    Re: Feeling touched out

    BTDT. After 2 years, I'm touched out two. We night weaned. I am much more willing to continue feeding now. DD is also sleeping much better at night. I never once let her cry so I felt very positive...
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    Re: Feeling a little guilty

    Well DD is 20 months and at 18 months I was touched out. She was becoming more verbal about wanting to nurse all the time when we were home. So like another mom I decided to make it a "Sleep" thing....
  11. Re: Returning/Disappearing Menstruation?!?

    I had my first at 17 months, missed it for 2 months.. went to the hospital for something else and they informed me I was pregnant.. SURPRISE!!

    DD will have a little sibling at the end of the year....
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    Re: off to a bad start

    Relax... that's the first step. Next is to spend a lot of skin to skin time with your baby. Focus on you and the baby for three days. Nap with the baby and I tried to get dream feeds in whenever...
  13. Re: considering nursing past 1---need advice how to fit it in to our lives!

    I am also nursing a 16 month old. She also has RSV and is only nursing (going on 4 days now.) While two of her friends were being evaluated for hospitalization, DD was hydrated with mama's milkies. ...
  14. Re: Goodbye, cruel world, for I am dying of sleep deprivation.

    Hi moms. Just wanted to give you hope. We moved the pack n play in our room permanently. Baby now goes to sleep in there and sleeps from 8pm - 3am feeds and co-sleeps from approx 3am until 7am. It...
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    Re: sick baby, need suggestions

    We use a warm mister for nasal drip and a humidifier for cough. The doctor said warm mister would help baby breathe easier. Just got us through 4 nights with a cold. We also sleep on an incline.
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    12 month mark and no solids??

    We just hit the big one year mark last week and my typically good eater has started not eating any solids. Her favorite foods..like bananas and avocado are no longer a safe choice. What do I do??...
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    Re: Abrupt weaning, any success stories?

    I agree. DD nurses standing up sometimes when my nipples are sore. Good luck!
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