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  1. Re: Please Help! I'm so discouraged, I don't know what to do

    I feel for you :hug Supplements are a great start. Don't know if you're aware but your body can burn 500 -600 extra calories a day breastfeeding. Maybe try eating even more of the healthy foods...
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    Re: Day 10 and still barely any milk!.....

    I have a friend who has a baby that is now four weeks old. She started breastfeeding and switched to formula for night time feedings in hopes that the baby would sleep longer between feedings (the...
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    Re: Help! What's going on???

    I am a mom who had to supplement with formula :( so I didn't experience what you posted but I do have a friend who went through the same thing as you are with your baby. Her baby girl was...
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    Where to get Domperidone in the US - CT

    I live in CT and was taking Domperidone to help my supply about 8mnths ago. I was able to get it at a compounding pharmacy (a place that mixes everything and puts it in capsuls - they even mailed it...
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