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    Re: How much/What does you LO eat?

    My DS is almost 6 months. We started about 1 month ago. DS was extremely interested in our food and showing the signs he was ready. We started with Cereal for a few tbs. then veggies and some fruits....
  2. Re: Storage running low -time for formula?

    Thanks! I am going to try to get an extra pumping session in. I think I get discouraged when I only get 2-3 oz vs. 6 oz. I also talked with DH about how to fit solids in during his day and not wait...
  3. Re: Storage running low -time for formula?

    9 hours usually. once and a while 12 hours.
  4. Travel with co-workers - when to pump?

    I have a meeting that is 2 hours away and 1.5 hours long. So I will be away from the office for 5.5 hours. When should I pump? This is my boss I am traveling with by car. When I get to my destination...
  5. Storage running low -time for formula?

    I have a 5month old who has begun solids and sleeps through the night. I work full time and pump while at work, I average 10-12 ounces a day. I had a great supply of milk in the freezer that has now...
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    Re: How to stop night breast feeds?

    My 4 1/2 month DS started to sleep from 8:30pm to about 9:00am at about 3 1/2 months. I thought at first, 'this is great'. The first few times I slept the entire time :yikes and was soaked and in...
  7. Re: ds throws himself at food at only 5 months

    Our DS got the green light from the dr. for starting solids at 4 months. He said that usually BF babies wait but our DS has developed very well and may be ready. We did start solids just after 4...
  8. Re: Something seems different - baby sick? Something I ate?

    just FYI - reason I worry about indigestion is tuesday I have some garlic for lunch and something spicy for dinner and also exercised.
  9. Something seems different - baby sick? Something I ate?

    For 2 days now my 5wk son has BF differently. He eats for short amount of time before he falls asleep. While he is eating he has a lot of saliva being produced. At night when I put him down he ends...
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    Re: Noises with bowel movements...

    you can hear my 1 month old son through the entire house. doubt it has to do with BF
  11. Re: Please help-- week old & going bonkers!

    Like they say, watch the wet and poopy diapers. I have a 4 wk old and have to say the first few weeks are really difficult. JUst keep on trying and relax.

    Another trick our nurse in the hospital...
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    Wearing Bra to Bed?

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else has to wear a bra to bed because it is too painful not too? JUst checking to see if this is normal. I feel like my breast are 20 pounds each and the nipples are...
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    Proactiv & Breastfeeding

    I found on kellysmoms.com that proactiv acne treatment is ok while breastfeeding. Has anyone asked their doctor and been told something else?
    Anyone use the product while breastfeeding?
  14. Re: Preterm infant - supply/latching questions

    Do you have a hospital grade pump? You can rent them from the hospital. They are so strong there should be a warning with them. Maybe this would help?
  15. Re: Should I bring my pump to the hospital?

    Most hospitals will not let you plug anything in and they will also provide it.
  16. Re: Preterm infant - supply/latching questions

    I know what you are going through. I had a 24wk preemie and I have to say BF was extremely difficult. I also was given a shield and was told it is because she can not open her mouth that wide. It did...
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    Re: Irritated and Tired * FOLLOW UP - it worked

    OK GREAT FOLLOW UP!!! I took the advise to cluster feed starting at 5pm. I fed everytime he looked ready to eat. I also kept him awake the best I could. I got my 3 year old to help play with him and...
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    Irritated and Tired

    My 2 week old is making nursing at night irritating, any advise would be appreciated.

    During the daytime he is great, eats 2-3 hours not a problem. He is usually up at 6am until 8am then sleeps...
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    Re: Throwing In The Towel

    I know how you feel. I had a 24 wk preemie and pumped until I had the chance to try and BF. We tried forever and I ended up 'throwing in the towel' the one thing I am glad I did not give up on was...
  20. Latching issue based on length of time between feedings?

    I have noticed that when my 9day old goes longer between feedings it is like he forgot how to latch on. If he has eaten with in the hour or closer times he has no issues latching on quickly and I...
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    Re: Eats all the time

    Thanks. Every time he gets near me he roots and poops. I will take the wet and dirty diapers as a very good sign.

    Thanks for the reassurance!! :-)
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    Eats all the time

    I have a 8 day old boy. He was eating 2-3 hours until today. It seems that I feed for 10-15 each side during one sitting. I hand him off or put him down for 30 mins or so and he wants to eat again....
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