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  1. Re: Mastitis and pressure from doc and family to wean

    If plugs are a problem for you I would recommend trying the lecithin (comes in capsule or liquid format). After 2 bouts of mastitis and several more plugged ducts, I started taking soy lecithin and...
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    Re: Pumping question

    :ita If you were to occasionally one session or have it much later than usual then likely no negative impact. But routinely missing or purposely cutting a session would decrease your supply.
  3. Re: What to do with Freezer Stash? Proper way to cycle throu

    :ita I use the same freezing method. I think it's definitely the most space-saving way to organize.
  4. Re: What to do with Freezer Stash? Proper way to cycle throu

    Yes, I think it's common to cycle through the milk so that you don't have to end up tossing out any milk. I found it helpful to figure out, roughly, how long the frozen milk would last if I were to...
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    Re: Manual pump issues

    Although it can take a bit of adjustment when you start using a pump, it should be easier than what you experienced. And although pumping doesn't feel good, it should not hurt (just a little...
  6. Re: baby latches and unlatches over and over and over

    My LO does this too when he needs to burp.
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    Re: Pump selection

    Yes, I bet after that much use the motor has lost much of it's power. Personally, I would check out the cost of renting a pump for 2 mo versus buying a decent--but less expensive--closed system...
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    Re: Just lost 300 ounces frozen milk

    Oh mama, so, so sorry. That's every pumper's nightmare.
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    Re: Can I add milk to milk before storing?

    Yes, I combine milk from multiple days all the time. Just label it as the oldest date.
  10. Re: How to deal with re-portioning frozen milk.

    Sounds like you just need a bit more time to thaw in the fridge. I would just take it out of the freezer the morning before you need the milk (instead of the evening). Then there is no need for him...
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    Re: best manual hand pump?

    I have a double electric pump for work but I get great output when needed from the Medela Harmony.

    I also found that using the angled flange made by Pumpin Pal is much more comfortable for manual...
  12. Re: Best bottle to use for BF baby? Suggestions needed

    We used/use breastflow too. They used to sell them at Target but it seems like they may have gotten replaced by the tommee tippee brand. You can still get them online. BRU also used to sell them in...
  13. Re: Skinny breastfed baby, probs weaning and speedy digesti

    And pooping 5hr (or less) after eating sounds totally normal.
  14. Re: Skinny breastfed baby, probs weaning and speedy digesti

    Just to clarify, you are still BF on demand for as long as and as frequently as baby wants but you have also started adding solids?

    If so, are you always giving the solids after BF? What foods...
  15. Re: Dropping pumping sessions - how and when?

    Do you have much of a freezer stash? How much of a decrease in pump sessions are you shooting for?

    Since you want to make it to a year without formula, I would take the average oz you pump at...
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    Re: Job Interview while pregnant

    I understand your stress--I have experienced this with both of my pregnancies. I will have to respectfully disagree with @auderey about academia; I definitely understand your point but there are many...
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    Re: ??? Nursing necklace???

    Good reminder; mine never tried to put it in her mouth--just needed something to occupy her hands a bit (that wasn't mama's hair or lips--ouch!) :gvibes

    OP, sounds like there's a big variety...
  18. Re: Having a hard time getting baby to burp...

    My first rarely needed to burp, so like PPs said, your may just not need it. If baby seems comfortable, not spitting up, etc., then I wouldn't worry. My second baby is pretty gassy though and needs...
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    Re: ??? Nursing necklace???

    I just used to wear one of my regular chunky plastic beaded necklaces and switch it to a different color every once in a while. Never ended up needing to get a specially designed one.
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    Re: Acclimating to pump

    I did seem to eventually get acclimated too and needed to turn the suction up more. As long as it is not hurting you, it should be fine. Double checking your horn fit is a good suggestion. One thing...
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    Re: pumping = oversupply

    Are you still block feeding at home? If so, You mention pumping both breasts which would be basically double what you are nursing. I block feed, so I usually only pump one side fully and the just a...
  22. Re: Almost 9 Months - Still Night Nursing... Sighs/Help?

    Like PP said, it is normal to still be waking and still need night feeding at this age. I understand being tired though and that false hope that comes when baby has a night or two of sleeping longer...
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    Re: travel with (distractable) baby...

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    Re: travel with (distractable) baby...

    I just flew with baby and I didn't have to take him out of the ergo to go through security, just had to get my hands swabbed. Hopefully you wouldn't have to take off a wrap--if they did try to make...
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    Re: Pulling and stretching

    Mine does it at the end of sessions when he is half asleep. He is full but wants to keep sucking so pulls back when his mouth fills with milk. I now let him relatch just a time or two to make sure...
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