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    Re: Nursing my 24 month old, anyone else???

    I am!! DD1 just turned 26m. Nowhere near weaning. Not even close. People have started asking what's going on with us. I've started saying that she needs to wean by the time she moves out. :cool:
  2. Re: 13.5mo suddenly nursing like a newborn again?

    Well, she's "down" to 4 or 5x during the day and 2 or 3x at night. ;) no teeth in sight, but she's still gnawing on her thumb quite a bit. But, who ever heard of a 14m old with only 2 teeth? LOL...
  3. Re: 13.5mo suddenly nursing like a newborn again?

    Thanks for the responses! She nursed 6x yesterday and today and at least 3 or 4x last night... I'm 99% sure it's teething. She is just not that interested in most food (other than yogurt, applesauce,...
  4. 13.5mo suddenly nursing like a newborn again?

    My 13.5 month old daughter has suddenly, in the last few days, taken to nursing every 2-3 hrs during the day, and every 3-4 hrs at night!

    We'd been down to every 4 or 5 hours during the day and...
  5. Re: Do you find it creepy when they talk about it?

    My standard, somewhat sassy, response to this is: aren't they always "asking" for it somehow?

    Whether it be sucking on a fist, rooting or crying as a newborn or signing milk, saying "nurse" or...
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    Just wanting to play?

    Lily uses the ASL sign for milk and says "eese" (eat? nurse?) when she wants to nurse. Sometimes she'll try to lift up my shirt. Unless I am in the middle of doing something in public (like checking...
  7. Temas: coming up

    by Ronessa

    Re: coming up

    My Lily is 13m. She is down to nursing about every 4hrs during the day (morning, before nap, late afternoon, before bed) and at least once or twice in the middle of the night and early morning.
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    Re: What do child psychologists say?


    I have my B.S. in zoo-anthro, with an emphasis on primatology. I'm particularly interested in human/non-human ape comparisons with learning and cognition. I'm also very interested in...
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    Re: Is baby getting enough water or too much?

    This is something I've also struggled with in the past few months. Lily is 13m old, just about. When she hit 7 or 8m or so, she realy got into the sippy and was drinking about three 5oz cups of water...
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    Re: What do child psychologists say?

    Another recommendation for Our Babies, Our Selves. I, too, am an anthropologist and found that book to be really helpful in putting our western practices into perspective. Especially since most of my...
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    Re: when the "cycle" returns


    My cycles returned when my daughter was 9m1w exactly. We were (and are) nursing a ton, so I'm not sure what prompted it. I guess I'm just one of the unlucky ones (or less lucky at least; I...
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