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    Re: I HATE Pumping

    I recently dropped a pump, so I dont have to pump at work and only pump morning at night. For me, that makes a huge difference. I watch TV while pumping, so it really is downtime for me. The trade...
  2. Re: Domperidone used to increase supply!

    I'm curious...are you on maximum dose? Even with my first LO, the doctor was adament that I wean down to as low as I could while still producing the milk I needed because of the side effects.
  3. Re: Domperidone used to increase supply!

    Not affecting people differently...just reporting the information differently. Like food packaging....far different information on US labels compared to Canadian labels. Standards are different.
  4. Re: Domperidone used to increase supply!

    I will assume this is a Canadian vs US information thing. In our drug compendium, irreversible shakes was high on the list for long-term use. Sure, it is listed as a rare side effects, but he felt...
  5. Re: Domperidone used to increase supply!

    I was on it for a year with my first, and coming up to a year with my second. With my first I started at 8 pills a day, and managed to wean down to about 5. WIth this one, I dropped from 8 pills to...
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    Re: Medela Micro-Steam Bags

    I use them only for the tubing....works really well
  7. Re: baby 9mos, is it too late to buy PISA (expensive) (i have manual pump) - back to

    Another vote for the PISA, so long as you're planning to pump for a while. It is a fair amount of money, but worth every penny in my opinion.
  8. Re: 11 month old very thin & not interested in solids

    Sounds like our daughter. She is now 2.5 and weighs 22 lbs. She's a grazer, not an eater. But our pedi said so long as she remains consistent, all is well. She has always been around the 5th...
  9. Re: do I listen to Doc or go on about my business?

    Mine is of a similar opinion: she said eating at night is a behavioral thing, not a hunger thing. He eats at night because we feed him at night and that he has to learn that daytime is for eating...
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    Re: 12 hours without pumping

    I couldn't go 12 hours without pumping. I'd sneak away to the car and pump if I had to, and probably arrange for someone to come pick up the milk if I didn't think it would hold. We have a smallish...
  11. Re: Which pump would you recommend?

    I EP for our son and did with our daughter. I use the PISA (am on my second one). I love it. It is a bit noisy but I don't pump in places where I need to be discrete.
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    Re: Left vs. Right

    I'm an exclusive pumper. Did it with the first and am now doing it with our second. I tried the nursing, but after a series of issues the lactation consultant said in some situations it just...
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    Re: Freezing and Storage

    I use the Gerber bags, then store a bunch of bags in a large ziploc. I have only had one bag leak while thawing, but I always put the thawing bags in a container while in the fridge just in case!
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    Re: Medela PIS

    To me, it is too old when it stops working. When my second was born, I simply bought all new parts for it, and continued using it. Then it just died. Because it wasn't under warranty, I would have...
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    Our LO was happily eating Heinz cereal (we're in Canada) and worked his way through rice, barley and oatmeal. We are in the US on vacation and he refuses to eat any of the cereal we buy, and we...
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    Re: How Much Qualifies As A Stash?

    Apparently I am paranoid. I was always worried about supply issues (I exclusively pump). When I got below 20 bottles worth in the freezer, I would freak out. Now that our LO is almost 7 months and...
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    PISA Questions

    This is my second time around as a "pumper". I pumped 13 months with DD, and am on month 6 for DS. I had to buy a new pump in August, as mine simply quit working (and was off warranty). So I...
  18. Re: Exclusively Pumping Mothers out there?

    I pumped 13 months with my daughter and am currently starting month 6 with my son. We are hoping to continue the pumping until 2 years with DS. I generally pump 4 times a day, and get 26-30 oz per...
  19. Re: Need advice, while I wait...My milk has almost dried up

    Just a note about domperidone...I have been taking it for months, and took it for about a year with my first. It can take longer to kick in....this time around, it really was about 3-4 weeks before...
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    Re: Anyone EP for over 12 months?

    With DD, I pumped 13 months and ended up regretting that I quit. DS is almost 6 months, and I pump 4x per day. I have a bit of a freezer stock, but nothing crazy. Part of my wants to pump to 2...
  21. Re: It's in there - How do I get more out??

    I find breast compression works for me...I compress throughout most of the pumping session.
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    Re: sterilizing medela tubing

    I have never covered the tubing with water and it has never melted. I do try and make sure the tubing is wet, but I would have to half-fill the bag to cover it!

    I didn't think about sterilizing...
  23. Re: Can a person become desensitized to pumping?

    I have a PISA, and have found that changing position helps my milk flow. For example, 3/4 of the way through the pumping session I will switch the containers (move left container to right breast and...
  24. Re: Suggestions/Advice on Breast pumps?

    Another vote for Medela PISA. Though I had to replace mine today...pumped (exclusively) 13 months with my first and 2.5 months with my second. And then it died...
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    Re: Medela PiS

    Watch the tubing. Notorious for mould build-up in there, which Medela tells me can work its way into the motor. So I would replace the tubing every once in a while.
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