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    Re: Lone Pumper--Help!

    I BF my LO until she went on a nursing strike at 4 months, about a month after I went back to work. With the long hours I work sometimes I would go 2 days without nursing her. When I would, she...
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    Re: EP mom...sore nipples help!

    Thanks everyone! I didn't even think about thrush because I didn't really know what it was or how you got it. But i have all of the symptoms. Should I start treating with nystatin and boiling...
  3. thinking of renting...symphony or lactina?

    I am thinking of renting a pump since my PISA is not doing the job of keeping my supply up. I can either rent a symphony for $60 or the lactina for $30. I was leaning towards the lactina based on...
  4. Taking More Milk Plus...no increase yet

    I have been EPing for 2 months after BFing for 5 1/2 months.* I have struggled with low supply since starting EP.* I pump 6 to 8 times a day for at least 20 minutes.*I get anywhere from 18 to 22 oz a...
  5. Re: Taking Fenugreek AND Blessed Thistle

    There is also an advertisement for motherlove on this website!
  6. Re: Taking Fenugreek AND Blessed Thistle

    I am also struggling with low supply. I recently found www.motherlove.com. They are a natural/organic company and sell many breastfeeding products including a supplement called more milk plus. It...
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    Re: Hand Pump for Daily Use?

    As long as you don't see a decrease in your supply, I don't see any reason why you couldn't use your hand pump even though they aren't intended for that. The advantages of an electric pump are that...
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    EP mom...sore nipples help!

    I have been EPing for about six weeks after nursing for almost 6 months (nursing strike). I have the PISA pump and had been using the 27 mm shields with good results then I began to experience some...
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