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    Re: SNS Question

    Should I contact a local leader or is there a general leader? Like a 1(800) number. Also, are leaders normally available on Sunday's, Or do I have to wait until Monday? I have so many questions. I'm...
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    SNS Question

    Goodmorning ladies,
    I was wondering, where is the most affordable place to get an SNS (supplementary nursing system)? Does this magical device only exist online or is there a store somewhere in the...
  3. Re: Bottle now I want to Breastfeed agai

    ok i will check those sites out! thankyou
  4. Bottle now I want to Breastfeed again

    Ok so I have breastfed and formula fed since day one. at about 3weeks I was producing almost 5oz! but it hurt so bad that at 5weeks I started mostly formula feeding. Now she won't take my breast....
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