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    I want to say thankyou

    My DS had his first birthday a couple of days back and I want to thank all the moms on this forum. Without you I would not have made it so far. In the first 3 months nursing was very hard as I had...
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    Re: Breast Feeding and Eczema Problems

    I dont know if you can use this with a baby with allergies, but Coconut Oil worked for us. It worked for his cradle cap too.
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    Re: giving up!

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    Re: I Just Need A Little Support

    Hello there and welcome. Congrats on your pregnancy :D. Its great that you are being proactive and getting info before baby is here.
    I just wanted you to know that most of my friends had an...
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    Re: Nipple Shield to Breast Help

    I am a new mom myself and not an expert, but here is a link from Kelly Mom (kellymom.com) that you might find helpful :) http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/wean-shield/#weaning
    I hope it helps!
  6. Re: nearing the end of her (wife's) sleepless rope...

    We have a 2 month old too, and he is eating all the time too :). I have found that hiding the clocks in the house helped me, it might sound weird but looking at the clock thinking "its 1 now, now its...
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    Re: Breastfeeding for Comfort?

    LOL I get a lot of passive aggressive remarks from some people too, they tried to tell me I "have to supplement with formula because no woman can produce enough milk for baby", "babies on breast milk...
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    2 month old teething, need help

    My 2 month old is teething, he has very tiny piece of tooth peeking out of his gums :yikes. His latch has become more painful in the past weeks, and nursing is accompanied by lots of screaming,...
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    Re: Ready to give up

    I am a first time mom with a baby around the same age as yours and an over active letdown. Mine does the take 2-3 gulps and scream routine too so :hug. DS started to dislike the hold where I guide...
  10. Re: Breasts suddenly too full, is baby not eating?

    RPS worked :clap now DS is nursing without screaming, and he is nursing in longer stretches, I guess because it got easier. Thank you all for your help :love
  11. Re: Breasts suddenly too full, is baby not eating?

    Thankyou so much for your reply. I am not pumping as I am a SAHM and am planning to breastfeed for as long as I can. The baby nurses every 2 hours on an average (I do not feed on schedule and if baby...
  12. Breasts suddenly too full, is baby not eating?

    I am a FTM and my DS was born on July 24th this year so he is just over a month old now. Our breastfeeding relationship had a very good start, I was able to nurse him within an hour of birth and he...
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