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    Weaning My Breasts from BF

    I am in the process of weaning my 8 week old. She is doing very well with the process however I am worried about what to do for myself. How do I "prepare" my breasts to stop producing milk. I have...
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    How much do I pump?

    I recently posted a cry for help for my 4 wk old's reflux problem. We went to the dr. and he recommended to cut back on feedings to only 30 minutes max and maintain upright position for another 30...
  3. Re: Managing Reflux during Growth Spurts

    The symptoms I have seen in the baby are milk coming to the surface of her lips and hearing the liquid come up her chest.

    The pediatrician doesn't think the reflux is severe since the baby doesn't...
  4. Managing Reflux during Growth Spurts

    My three week old is growing through a growth spurt. I worry if I over feed her reflux cam become dangerour. I wish I could take her discomfort away when I see her reflux not letting her sleep well....
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