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    Need some insights.

    My son who was born at 32 weeks is now back home (he's 36.5 weeks old) and I need some insights as to what to expect, do when it comes to breastfeeding.

    While he was at the hospital, they would...
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    Re: How late for milk to come in?

    I was told that it can take up to two weeks for some people to have their milk come in - after that, it's just a question of how much milk your baby is taking in not so much how much you're...
  3. Re: First-timer - Do I need help, or do I need to just calm down?

    I too have a rather sleepy newborn whom I have to wake up at times just to get her to feed during the day. If I did the whole "feed on demand", she would sleep on for hours on end instead of getting...
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    Re: Finish one side first?

    I was told the same thing as well and it was before my milk came in. After, I was told to offer one breast first and then the other if she was hungry. But here's the kicker... how do I know that my...
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    Re: low supply on right side

    You know, I used to worry about this as my right side was way fuller than the other side. I discovered yesterday that all I had to do was wait longer (like 4 hours) in between feeds and my left side...
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    Re: sleepy newborn

    My newborn too sleeps a lot (she's 10 days old) and I was told by the midwife to wake her up every 2 hours (day and night) and feed for at least 15 minutes on each breast in the first five days to...
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