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    Re: Does your lo do this?

    :ita WSS! My LO always grabs excitedly for DHs beer bottles...certainly not gonna give him beer :lol We always gave DS something to play with, like a spoon, so he felt included in mealtimes.
  2. Re: how often should he be pooping now?

    Great! I will try that. I keep waiting for him to really eat KWIM? I feel like we've been doing BLS forever and he just dabbles :lol I guess that's the point, that he'll dig in when he's ready...
  3. Re: how often should he be pooping now?

    He grabs for any glass he sees...:lol I guess we could start offering it to him regularly with any solids. Since he's 9 mos, should I be worried about him filling up on water vs BM? Thanks!
  4. Re: how often should he be pooping now?

    Thanks for the link! I don't think he's doing a LOT of straining, but it usually doesn't result in much more than a tbsp or so of poo. So I guess I'm trying to get a baseline to see if I need to cut...
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    Re: 4 month old starting solids

    It sounds like you have a difficult situation...:hug My MIL is also not well-informed on BF babies etc, but luckily she works with me more. Since it sounds like you can't change your situation, I...
  6. Re: Started having trouble pumping today

    That's happened to me before a few times, with no real explanation :shrug usually my supply goes back up after a while.

    That said, there are a lot of reasons why your supply could go down.
  7. how often should he be pooping now?

    DS has been on some solids for a few months now (not much, bc he still doesn't really eat much of what we put in front of him). We have had a few issues w constipation, but they were easily resolved...
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    Re: Starting Solids

    You can certainly go backwards with the solids, with no problems for your LO. I do that frequently for my DS - when he gets constipated from something I cut out some/all solids for a day or two to...
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    Re: New Here

    :grouphug yes, it can be tiring (PAK now!) but theres lots of support here...even tho we work we want to provide the best stuff on earth for our babes! Welcome mama!
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    Re: Breastfeeding vs solids

    :ita with pp - you can cut back on the solids if you're worried. When my DS is too distracted to nurse, I go into a quiet, dark room, or sometimes I let him play for a few minutes to get it out of...
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    Re: just started and need help!

    What a cutie! :love Sounds like you guys are doing great...this is a busy time, and my DS has been very distractible since 5-6 mos too. If I want him to nurse better, I go to a quiet, dark room, or...
  12. Re: falling asleep while nursing & switching sides

    :welcome yep, my DS was a sleepy guy too for the first several weeks. It's common, like pp said. I would give him a little nudge under the chin or stroke his palm and that usually got the sucking...
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    Re: Baby led solids...?

    There are lots of threads here on BLS, sometimes called BLW...if you're worried about safety I would start slowly and def recommend an infant CPR class for your own peace of mind. Try soft foods,...
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    Re: Free to attend a meeting?

    :ita it's very helpful and reassuring to have that contact before you're actually dealing with a tiny baby and all the other things that go with the birth! Good luck, mama, and remember you can...
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    Re: 8 month old refusing to feed


    Sorry, no personal experience with this one, but it sounds like a nursing strike. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/baby/back-to-breast.html

    Hopefully some other mamas will chime...
  16. Re: Crying During Bedtime Nursing - Is this Teething?

    :love congrats to you and your LO! Now that you know her signs, it should be easier to diagnose next time! FWIW my pedi told me the pain in teething wld make an adult want to :banghead so not to feel...
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    Re: Biting!!!

    :ita with the links pp gave. It's very discouraging - my DS bites occasionally (he's almost 9 mos and has 5 teeth!) and when I try to tell him no, he laughs at me too. What works best for us is to...
  18. Re: Desperatly seeking donated breast milk

    PMd you
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    Re: Looking ahead...

    Thanks ladies! This is what I was hoping to do...pumping got old really fast and I don't want to do it if it's not necessary! :clap
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    Looking ahead...

    So I'm a bit of a planner...

    DS will turn 1 in August, right around the time I start a new job, and he starts a new child care...ugh - too many changes at once!

    I'm wondering if anyone still...
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    Re: How much do your LO's weigh?

    I think people where I live must be crazy bc they are always saying my DS is chubby - he's 8 mos and about 18 lbs! He has a little roll around his knees that I :love to pinch (gently!) when he nurses!
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    supply issues again?

    I hate to start another thread on this, but I'm such a worrier about supply. I've been pumping 11-12 oz at work forever, then yesterday and today I barely squeezed out 9. Nothing that I can think of...
  23. Re: Increasing Supply on Right Side

    :welcome and congrats on EBF your first LO! There's lots of great info on here. When my DS was born I had a similar problem. He didn't latch as well on the left side (apparently my nipple is...
  24. Re: This is NOT my idea of introducing solids...

    :hug to all of us who try so hard to do what's best for our lo's and get people continually going behind our backs...

    My whole family does this kind of thing all the time, and for the most part I...
  25. Re: baby 9mos, is it too late to buy PISA (expensive) (i have manual pump) - back to

    I love my PISA but have no experience with others. If you plan to have more babies or to BF longer than 1 year, I would get SOME kind of double electric pump - otherwise it might take too much time...
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