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    Embarassing question

    OK, this is embarassing, but I really have to know- Sometimes when my husband and I are... you know, I leak a ton of milk. What's the deal with that, and is it normal? I'm kinda weirded out.
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    Re: let other side leak?

    My baby's five months now, but when he was first born, I wold fall asleep nursing him, and wake up when we were bothed soaked. I would have to change his clothes, and we ALWAYS slept on a towel....
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    Re: feeling overwhelmed

    I know how you feel. My 4 and 5 year olds are a year and 16 days apart. I won't lie to you. It was tough, but you're not alone. I also know what you mean by the house too. I'm a total clean freak,...
  4. First time user-have serious problem

    Just got the Internet for the first time yesterday, so it's all new too me. I'm so excited about this site, though. Anyway, I have a five month old baby boy, and bfing was is going ok, but three...
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