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    I think I have mastitis in my right breast. It is very sore, engorged, hot, and BFing is painful. There are red patches all over it. It's the middle of the night and I can't get to the doctor until...
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    Re: Temporary Weaning

    She is 11 months old. The surgeon says that the drugs they give me will go through the breast milk and are not approved for nursing mothers. My husband will be watching her while I am in the hospital.
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    Temporary Weaning

    I am getting surgery in a week's time and won't be able to nurse or cosleep for 48 hours afterwards. I am renting a good breast pump to pump and dump, to keep up my supply, and we have formula and...
  4. Decreased # of wet diapers, won't take bottle/cup

    My 10 month old daughter will not take a cup or bottle. I was in hospital for 10 hours on Sunday and left her home with my husband... she would not drink or hardly eat. I am going for surgery...
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    Re: Wean 10 month old with cold sore?

    Thank you SO MUCH for the encouragement and reassurance as this had really got me down last night and this morning. I went to the doctor and he swabbed the sore so it could be sent to the lab for...
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    Wean 10 month old with cold sore?

    I think my 10 month old has a cold sore :(

    Here are the photos:


    I've been assuming I should stop nursing her but I still haven't stopped yet. She got the cold sore yesterday.
  7. Teething 9 month old doesn't want to eat anything

    My nine month old no longer wants to eat solids and is only interested in breastfeeding. For baby cereals or fruit/veg/meat purees she will only eat one spoonful. For finger foods like chicken, veg,...
  8. Re: Doubts about night nursing/cosleeping

    Thanks for the reassurance :) I believe it was either 'What to Expect: The First Year' or 'The Dummies Guide: Your Baby's First Year.' Those are two of the books I check most frequently, though in...
  9. Doubts about night nursing/cosleeping

    I have been cosleeping with my daughter since she was a newborn. Now she is 9 months old and we are still cosleeping. I nurse her to sleep and I nurse her on demand during the night. Now I have read...
  10. Reheating and a few other questions

    So I have been making homemade baby food, mashing it, and freezing it in 1oz and 4oz containers. At night I pull the next day's food out of the freezer and leave it in the fridge overnight to thaw....
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    Baby nursing often at night?

    We cosleep and my 7 month old nurses frequently at night. I have read about the danger of baby bottle mouth from night nursing. Should I night wean? When? How? Please advise thanks!
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