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  1. Hints on drying milk pump bottles?

    Any homemade way to dry milk bottles without buying a special rack? I find that on my regular dish rack they take forever to dry inside, and I"m afraid they'll get moldy if they don't dry fully...
  2. Change in nipple size since previous pregnancy /flange size

    I am breastfeeding my third child, all were born in the past four years. I use Medela Freestyle. The past two times I used the medium flanges - they were soft silicone at that point - and they worked...
  3. Worried about my baby's calcium needs?

    My boy is now 6 months old and was BF only until 4 months old. We introduced solids at 4 months, and now, because I want to get pregnant again, I have reduced my nursing to twice a day.

    He eats...
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