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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    My lo is 2 y.o. and really in to rhyming. She has recently taken to calling my left breast "switch sides" and to go with that she is now calling my right breast "*****sides" :D
  2. Re: How do I get my cosleeping 2 yo to sleep without nursing

    I guess I shouldn't rush it. I would just like it if she was a bit more versatile in the ways she can be comforted.
    My best friend is getting married and I was hoping to go out with the girls...
  3. Re: How do I get my cosleeping 2 yo to sleep without nursing

    So cute! You are right each child is different. I'm pretty sure she can make the connection. We have tried having my husband put her to sleep, but she just peacefully stays awake reading. She knows...
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    Re: How to use freezer stash??

    I ended up wasting some of my freezer milk then found this bit of advice on here somewhere.
    -Pump and send fresh milk Tues-Fri. Freeze Friday's pumped milk and send frozen milk on Mondays. Always...
  5. How do I get my cosleeping 2 yo to sleep without nursing

    I'm looking for advice on getting my 2 year old to be able to fall asleep without nursing to sleep. I am not interested in night weaning. We co-sleep and she nurses a couple of times a night while I...
  6. Re: Onto the "beyond" phase of "2 years and beyond"

    Thank you for that post. I feel much the same way and am so happy to hear it put so eloquently. My almost 2 year old nurses @ 10 times per day :) Love it!
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    Re: Feeling drained/wiped out nursing

    I feel that way sometimes too. I will be interested in what others say.
    Could it be iron or vitamin D? I take my prenatals, but sometimes wonder. I'm in New England so I know I'm not getting sun as...
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    Re: 12 Months and Deciding What's Next

    If you decide to stop pumping and send other milk to daycare you might want to look in to coconut milk. That is what my doctor and her specialist colleague recommend for children with dairy...
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    Re: BFing help

    We had a very hard time in the beginning, but it got better eventually. I had more pain on one side once my initial injuries healed and I found that position had something to do with it. Something...
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    Re: Pumping Past 21 months

    ok so today she was very upset about not having breastmilk available after her nap. I was only away for 3.5 hours. what is the process i can use to help her get used to this. i will not be away on a...
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    Pumping Past 21 months

    Questions First:
    Can I just not produce for the pump now?
    How should I prep her for being away for longer periods of time (5 or more hours)? Should I just avoid leaving her until she nurses less...
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    Re: Am I doing ok?

    :ita bfwmomof3 Pumping during my commute was VITAL for me, my supply, having enough for lo while away and my sanity! I used a nursing cover and once I had it down it was really easy and saved me time...
  13. Re: Nipples in shreds at 18 months (sorry, long..)

    that sounds really tough. I wish I had advice for you but I'm sure someone on here will.
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    Re: Pumping at work beyond a year:

    I always wanted to have my milk available for her when I'm gone. She always asks for it. So I pumped the whole time I worked until I became a SAHM @ 19 months. Now I struggle with the idea of leaving...
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    Re: Shipping milk

    maybe check out the site breastfeeding in combat boots. http://breastfeedingincombatboots.com/faq/deployments/shipping-milk/ This is for deployment overseas, but maybe they have some info that you...
  16. Re: pumped early on - is it milk or colostrum?

    I pumped in the hospital based on bad advice from a nurse and ended up with 4 ounces of what appeared to be colostrum. I froze it and didn't think of using it until I went back to work 3 months...
  17. Re: Not enough time to pump enough - 10 mo old

    We only do water with meals so I never figured out what type of coconut milk is best. I will ask my doctor and get back to you. I can email her, but it may take a bit for a response since...
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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    Getting ready for bed I took off my clothes to throw in the wash before going upstairs to the bedroom. At the time I was holding my 19mo dd who shreiks "Nursing, nursing, nursing!!! Here comes the...
  19. Re: Not enough time to pump enough - 10 mo old

    Mommal provided a great response. I wanted to add that when you are ready to wean (no rush) and are looking for an alternative to cow's milk the following <see email below> information may be...
  20. Re: My 7 month old EBF baby will not take formula

    Could you take her with you when you go out? I would suggest nursing in public. Having to carry formula and bottles around as well as the time it takes to prepare everything will likely negatively...
  21. Re: Going tubing for @ 5 hours- Pump suggestions?

    Thank you for the reminder about meeting her requirements by nursing 3-5 times per day. I'll keep that in mind as we decide when/if to introduce other form of milk. Also a good thing to remember when...
  22. Re: Going tubing for @ 5 hours- Pump suggestions?

    Yeah I haven't gone a full day without pumping since she doesn't drink cow's milk (yet). I'm always trying to make sure she has enough supply at home. When I have gone a bit longer than my...
  23. Re: Going tubing for @ 5 hours- Pump suggestions?

    Haven't been very successful with that.
  24. Going tubing for @ 5 hours- Pump suggestions?

    I am going on a day trip tubing for my friends birthday. My dd is 18 months old and still breastfeeding full time along with her food intake. I have used a Medela PIS for pumping during a full...
  25. Re: I dont know what pump its better???

    From what I understand different people like different pumps. The Medela Pump in Style Advanced works well for me. The flanges happen to fit me well and both the metro bag and the tote seem to be set...
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