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  1. 15mo lost interest and supply dwindling

    Hey mamas,

    So we have made it to 15months thanks to you all and I'm hoping to go for even longer!

    My issue right now is that my son seems to have lost interest in nursing unless it's before...
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    Re: Frustrating Peditrician visit

    Thanks Mommal, yes I think I will mention at my next visit. I was just too in shock at her blatent disregard to my desires of prolonged nursing. I had chosen this peditrician from many high reviews...
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    Re: Frustrating Peditrician visit

    Thanks Squirmama! Yay to Maryland Moms! :)

    He is super happy and healthy, no concern from Doc on his Vit.D levels, she was just saying that he *should* be getting Vit.D on a daily basis from...
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    Frustrating Peditrician visit

    Ugh, just want to share. I had a frustrating visit with my 13mo old's pediatrician today. She has always seemed "fine" with my exclusive breastfeeding, although they did try to push solids on me at...
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    Re: Pump weaning and supply

    Thanks Mommal! It feels really good to have made this far, and hoping to continue even further! He has such an interest in food and other beverages that I felt safe removing milk from this daytime...
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    Re: Contemplating pump weaning

    Hi Debbers

    I was/am in the same place and was super worried about both pump-weaning and being responsible for healthy food choices for my son! My husband and I are both in the health food...
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    Pump weaning and supply

    Thanks to everyone's support I have almost successfully managed to pump wean! I'm still pumping 1x a day just to add a few more to the freezer stash but I'm down from 3, 15min sessions a day !

  8. Re: Out of nowhere-extrememly sore breast

    thanks Mommal! Just seems so strange since i'm not really weaning THAT much...but I suppose inadvertently he's nursing less since he's eating more solids and sleeping through the night for the most...
  9. Out of nowhere-extrememly sore breast

    Hey Mamas,

    Looking for your thoughts here

    There are no noticeable changes in our routine other than i've dropped a pumping session during the work day from 3 to 2. But it's been that way for 2...
  10. Nursing beyond 12mo--a few questions

    Hi mamas,

    Still trying to navigate my nursing relationship with LO beyond 12mo. It's like a whole new world! Just when I felt SO in sync now it's all changing again!

    Here's our current rhythm...
  11. 12 month transition, still so confused...

    Sorry Mamas,

    I posted a few days ago about pump weaning and the 12mo transition and i am still so confused as to how I should go about transitioning him from breastmilk bottles during to the day...
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    Re: 12 months! Now what??

    Thanks Isabel--he only takes 2 naps, so I guess that's what I can do. I just wonder how to make the transition to a sippy cup...he wants nothing to do with it!
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    Re: 12 months! Now what??

    Thanks for the help mama!

    I guess my only lingering question is how do I go about removing the bottle aspect from his day? Just a "rip the band aid" approach and take away bottle cold turkey? Or...
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    12 months! Now what??

    Hi Mamas!

    Well, in just 2 short weeks my little guy is going to be a year old! I'm so excited and sad at the same time!

    We've been lucky to have a wonderfully smooth breastfeeding...
  15. Re: Need simple, quick advice please!

    Thanks all! I made it!

    Came home with 52oz of milk! Strategically packed so the frozen stayed frozen and the fresh milk stayed cold even during a 3hour flight delay and 10 hours of air travel in...
  16. Re: Need simple, quick advice please!

    Thanks Mommal

    I'm so frustrated!! It's over 30oz of milk and I REALLY want to keep it, but I think it's unlikely I'll use it all in 24hrs. Unless I bottlefeed him all day and just pump to replace....
  17. Need simple, quick advice please!


    I am traveling for work and have been in a hotel since last night--I put all of my expressed milk in the fridge last night and this morning and just got back to the hotel tonight and the...
  18. Re: Is Sleep Training possible (or necessary) with EBF baby?


    Just a little update--Little Babe is 9mo old as of 4/17, crawling, standing and has 6 teeth! Can't believe how fast it's all happening...

    Any way, I don't want to jinx it BUT this...
  19. Re: Building stash and manual pump use question

    Thanks ladies!

    I got the Medela Harmony, just to have a back up and to use at night, like I mentioned, to get a few extra ounces each day. I don't need help building supply, I just want some extra...
  20. Building stash and manual pump use question

    Hi ladies,

    I'm trying to build up my stash a bit for a few reasons--currently I have around 100oz (about 4 days) stored, and would like to have enough for a full week or more. I have been lucky...
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    Re: Pumping more than baby drinking?

    I experienced the same thing--went back to work at 3mo, pumped 3x a day and averaged about 15-20oz each day! I was a milk factory! But slowly that started decreasing and at first I thought I was...
  22. Re: Double pumping while nursing from a single side

    keep nursing on demand as usual, and double pump each time while at work until your breasts feel empty, usually around 15min for me. Like the other ladies said, you can freeze the extra to start a...
  23. Re: Nursing like crazy, now low supply

    Thanks Auderey--I will definitely try the Power Pump this weekend

    Out of curiosity, why are our milk supplies affected at this age in particular? Is it because they nurse more frequently or is it...
  24. Re: Nursing like crazy, now low supply

    My pump should be okay--it's only been in use for 5 months--it's the Medela Freestyle

    I am trying to add another session at night because fitting more than 3 in the work day is tough and when I'm...
  25. Nursing like crazy, now low supply

    Hi mamas

    So, DS is 8.5mo old, I've posted before about his nursing and sleeping pattern (nurses 6-8times/day plus 3 expressed bottles at daycare, wakes frequently in the night)

    Last 2 nights...
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