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  1. Advice on how to wean 14 month old

    Hi everyone,

    My 14 month old only nurses at naps (twice) and at night, but I'm ready to wean completely because I'm pregnant and would also like to begin moving my LO to her crib (she co-sleeps...
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    Nipple Pain (sting)

    Hi everyone!

    Just recently, my right nipple has been bothering me during a feeding. It feels like a stinging pain and it just started out of nowhere. My baby is almost 10 months old and this is...
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    Re: my baby wont sleep without breast

    Amy, I am going through the same thing with my 9 month old right now and was curious if you figured out a way to resolve this? She also needs the breast to sleep and now can't put herself back to...
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    Weight gain rate low?

    Hi everyone,

    My LO is now 4 months old and I'm a little worried about her weight gain rate and if she's getting enough to eat. At her 2 month appt, she weighed 11.5lb and now at 4 months, she's...
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    Cold Meds

    I have a cold and would like to fight it naturally, but just in case, I was curious what cold medications are safe while nursing. If any, what specific OTC meds have you taken?

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    Is this bottle still good?


    I rarely give a bottle to my 8 week old so I'm not quite sure if this one is still okay to give her.

    I pumped and froze 2.5oz, my MIL thawed it to give to her 2 days ago, but my LO...
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    Giving a bottle

    I introduced a bottle to my now 8 week old at 5 weeks because I knew I would have to leave her for a few hours for my DH's work Holiday party last week. She took the bottle of my pumped milk with no...
  8. Re: When to begin feeding on demand

    So now that my baby is almost 8 weeks, I was curious if the day time feeding still applies. Sometimes she'll want to eat before 3 hours, but there are times when it has been 3 hours since her last...
  9. When to begin feeding on demand

    At my baby's 2 week check-up, we found out she has surpassed her birth weight and her diaper output seems great. Can I begin feeding on demand or should I still be setting my alarm to feed her every...
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    Confused about pumping

    Hi everyone!

    I am a FTM to an almost 3 week old and have started to think about pumping on occasion in the near future. BF has really improved, she has passed her birth weight and diaper output...
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    Breasts engorged?

    I am a new mom to an 8 day old and my breasts always seem hard, swollen and tender. Although there is some relief after a feeding, the other breast will be in pain. I am nursing every 2-3 hours and...
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