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    Help!!! Daycare.

    Ladies, it has been the worst few week. My 1 year old's nanny quit, my daughter is with different people different days, and I'm beside myself. I've missed work a lot and so has my husband. I looked...
  2. problems drinking water (gagging)

    I was wonder if anyone's baby had difficulty drinking water? My 12 month old can't get the hang of how to drink water, swallow and breath. She doesn't have the same issue when it is milk in the...
  3. Re: Feeling the need to wean (10 months)

    The only thing I'm nervous about is her being that close to the ground, because once in a while we find scorpions here :O I live in Arizona, and have to be careful with that :O
  4. Re: Feeling the need to wean (10 months)

    That's a good idea - I never thought of that. Thanks!
  5. Re: Feeling the need to wean (10 months)

    Hi, thanks for all your opinions. I feel so confused, and also conflicted, when it comes to the right thing to do in respect to weaning. Wishing I could continue, but feeling exhausted. I'd feel fine...
  6. Re: Feeling the need to wean (10 months)

    Hi All, thank you for your replies. I'm just worried that the longer I wait the harder it will be. I haven't changed anything yet. I will try to sleep in a different room for part of the night...
  7. Feeling the need to wean (10 months)

    Hi All, I have posted a few times and you all have been such a support. My daughter is 10 months old, and I am feeling very, very run down and would like to wean. I emotionally wish to continue but I...
  8. Re: Staying healthy while breastfeeding

    I'm not pumping at work because I have a lipase issue and don't have a chance to scald. :(

    So I nurse at home in the morning, then go from 7:15-11:45 not doing anything, then nurse my baby during...
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    Re: Wedding & Nursing Baby

    Just thought I'd add my 2 cents based on a recent experience. I'm a first time mom and I attended a wedding this summer with my then 5 month old. I was a member of the wedding party and even though...
  10. Staying healthy while breastfeeding

    Hi Everyone,
    I am breastfeeding my 7 month old daughter, and the last few weeks I've been feeling very drained. It could of course be the lack of sleep, early mornings to work, etc, but I'm also...
  11. Re: Does anyone know about CMV and breastmilk???

    Thank you!
  12. Does anyone know about CMV and breastmilk???

    Hi Everyone,
    I am concerned and hoping you might have some advice. I was recently in very close contact with an individual w/special needs I later learned has CMV. I was changing the individual's...
  13. Re: Do I need to control amount of solids?

    and she hasn't been constipated or shown any problems. She's eating a jar a day, but acts like she wants more.
  14. Re: Do I need to control amount of solids?

    oh that's a good idea -- I didn't think about making the puree! I could ask the sitter to do that. I agree that's why I want her to get more breastmilk but she just far prefers the solids when she's...
  15. Do I need to control amount of solids?

    My baby is 6 1/2 months. I started her a little early on solids (5 1/2 months) because she seemed very ready, and also because I was going back to work and she hated the bottle. I didn't want her to...
  16. Re: 9 mo must nurse to sleep - how can I get away to work?

    My baby is 6 months, and experienced a lot of the same things. The sippy trainer by advent is what worked best for her, but even now that I'm back to work she only has 3 oz total from it while I'm...
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    Re: Mold! So upset!!

    The same thing happened to me w/my medela. :(
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    Re: Back to work question

    Thanks. I did ask the sitter to try to offer the milk first. Her diapers are only one or two a day but it's been that way for a while. I am trying to make all of my free time snuggle time. I'm really...
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    Back to work question

    Hi All!
    I have been back to work since Thursday and was wondering if it is okay that my 6 month old is only taking 3 oz total from the bottle while I'm gone 8 hours.

    I nurse her several times in...
  20. Re: safe teething pain relief for 3 month old?

    Great, thank you!
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    Re: Please tell me this too shall pass!

    My baby didn't nurse non stop but it was almost non stop. That's what brought me to this forum a few months ago. She would only be off for about 30 minutes before nursing again all day long. And if...
  22. Re: safe teething pain relief for 3 month old?

    I just gave tylenol to my 5 month old this week at night and it helped so much. During the day, the only thing that has been helping so far is just keeping her mind off the discomfort as much as...
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    Re: If starting formula becomes necessary

    Hi everyone, thank you so much for your responses. I definitely have a lipase issue. My little one has taken some of it unscalded, but she protests and makes faces. Other times she completely...
  24. Sticky: Re: Scalding breastmilk due to excessive Lipase


    Okay, so I'm going to try scalding for the first time. My plan is to heat my expressed milk in a glass bottle in the bottle warmer until it gets to 160 degrees for 15 seconds. Then remove....
  25. Sticky: Re: Scalding breastmilk due to excessive Lipase

    hmm, I also just found out I can't have a bottle warmer in my classroom. Bummer.

    I have had inconsistent results trying to determine if the lipase is a problem for us or nut. There are some times...
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