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  1. Re: Drastic drop in supply.... Help.

    I don't know what else to do:( still just getting 2-3 oz every two hrs but having to pump for a longggg time to get it
  2. Re: Drastic drop in supply.... Help.

    Ok regarding the reflux I myself think it is over diagnosed and just a label that many put on a fussy baby. But after different meds and ultrasounds to rule out pyloric stenosis we saw a specialist...
  3. Re: Drastic drop in supply.... Help.

    We had to add cereal per dr instructions. Me and dr did everything we could think of before we had to resort to pumping every feeding and adding cereal in combination with him having Prevacid twice a...
  4. Drastic drop in supply.... Help.

    My second son is 11 weeks old, I go back to work on monday(2 days):( we were all sick with sinus infections last weekend. On Monday my dr put me on amoxicillin. I noticed yesterday a drop in my milk...
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