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    Milk bleb popped, but its raw now!

    Okay, my blister thingy popped and the hard lumps in my right boob have softened. Now, its so raw! It kills to nurse on that side. This morning, I nursed DS and then he spit up blood!! I checked...
  2. Re: Am I doing this right? Questions about baby-led

    Thanks for all the great tips ladies! I always wondered about a good way to cook squash, I will try that. I gave him cheerios yesterday!! He LOVED them! He went crazy grabbing all the cherrios when...
  3. Re: Am I doing this right? Questions about baby-led

    Thanks for the replies. DJ's mom, that makes alot of sense what you said. Thank you. As far as the apples, he really likes them and taked the tiniest bites of just sucks on it. Yes I cut it into...
  4. Re: Am I doing this right? Questions about baby-led

    Tell me about it! I want to stop giving DS solids!! :eek: LOL.

    I wanted to ask a question or 2 as well about this. We are doing baby led, I have offered banana, avacodo, sweet potato. He...
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    Re: Plugged duct?? Lotsa pain!!

    Thanks for the replies ladies! Okay, the blister is bigger! I am taking that as a good sign though, so hopefully this will clear up. I am going to wait on the self surgery, but I will keep nursing...
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    Plugged duct?? Lotsa pain!!

    Hey Ladies!!! Remember me?? Long time no talk! Well I am back in desperate need of some advice.

    Do I have a plugged duct? :confused: My right boob is like rock hard on the outside and...
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    Re: Happy Birthday to Adeline and Haylee...

    Happy Birthday Little Ones! :love
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    Re: Beginning our solids adventure

    I will just post here as well, rather than starting another thread. I am going to be starting DS in one more month!! Can you believe it??? For Baby Led, I am wondering what was your LO's first food...
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    Re: HELP! About to give up on BF!

    It sounds like you are doing a really good job! As to your question about life returning to normal....NO :lol But you will find a new normal. ;) You may even want to try letting her sleep after the...
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    Re: How do you cook sweet potatoes?

    Good Point Shelly! Microwaves do do that. Actually everytime your food gets over 183 degrees, you begin to take the vitamins and minerals and nutrients out:( ...sad huh? But microwaving does such...
  11. Re: Help-my 4 day old child will not nurse, using formula

    I forgot to say its definitely NOT to late!!:) I would suggest not using a bottle and syringe feeding EBM if possible (to avoid nipple confusion).
    Baby Refusing to Latch

    THat article is a good...
  12. Re: Help-my 4 day old child will not nurse, using formula

    Hi & Welcome!:hug
    Sounds like things are kinda stressful?? I am going to look up some resources for you, but I just wanted to say hey! Its common for milk not to come in until day 4 or 5...

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    Re: HELP! About to give up on BF!

    I agree with the pp! THose are some great links that Annie gave you too. A nurse told me the first 2 weeks were the hardest...and I mostly agree with that...it was a big learning curve. But...
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    Re: How do you cook sweet potatoes?

    Well DS isn't eating yet, but for myself I toss them in a little olive oil and roast at 400 for about 18-20 min. I cut them into large chunks (cube size I guess). I was wondering about this myself,...
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    Re: Breastfeeding emergency

    Hugs Mama:hug

    Those first few weeks can be really stressful, especially when you are worrying about if your LO is getting enough and she is crying on top of it. I agree with pp if you can...
  16. Re: Is it best not to time how long baby is on the breast?

    Hey RozandAlixmommy...It is definitely okay to let baby nurse longer than 10 minutes on one side...and its okay if she falls asleep. It is really rare that I feed my LO on both sides in one feeding....
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    Re: A little bit different...

    Hi & Welcome!!:)
    A few questions for you:
    Will he go to breast at all?? The best way to stimulate supply is letting your LO be at the breast. Its not too late to get him to latch! Is it possible...
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    Re: How to measure between feedings?

    The biggest mistake I made in the hospital and in the first week was WATCHING THE CLOCK!

    I was so concerned about how long it had been, how long he was nursing...it consumed me....writing down...
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    Re: Besides sleeping when the baby sleeps....

    I was just going to post the same thing...specifically saying "You crack me up!" :lol I totally agree with pp...also, accept people's help & ask for it...don't be shy. I would say to my...
  20. Re: At what week or month do babies begin nursing less?

    Someone please tell me ;) . I agree with pp, every baby is different. Wyatt can go 3 hours max! Usually he is every 2 like clockwork....except lately he is going 4 hour stretches at night...maybe...
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    Re: baby is eating more than I can pump!

    I think pumping extra at work would be fine. You won't drain...but instead tell your body that it needs to make more milk.:) He has probobly gone through a little growth spurt, so you need to...
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    Re: 2 month has green mucousy stools-help!

    i would try to stay away from pumping if at all possible...if you need to hand express a little to be comfortable, its probobly a better route. Let us know how it goes!
  23. Re: PLEASE help..screaming baby and no milk :(

    Good to hear mama...
    Another idea is getting him all sleepy like that and nursing him in his "sleep". Babies are very efficient like that...its amazing, I can kinda put my boob out when DS is...
  24. Re: What do you eat when home and breastfeeding?

    :ita Me too...2 packets!! Yum Yum. I love Oatmeal. Or another favorite breakfast is toast with peanut butter.:p

    For Lunch I have a salad with feta or cheddar cheese, veges & tuna or chicken. Or...
  25. Re: PLEASE help..screaming baby and no milk :(

    Hi Mommy! It'll be okay! I promise...put LO at the breast if you can, letting him suck will stimulate supply. He is probobly having a growth spurt which may last anywhere from 2-7 days. :p ;) Make...
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