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    Re: Crying over spilled milk

    I pumped 3oz once and not only spilled it, but the bottle made a loud bang as it hit the floor and woke the baby. I cried and went to the kitchen to get a towel to clean it up, but when I came back...
  2. Re: teething pain -baby doesn't want to nurse

    she was at the doctor's 2 days ago and everything was fine...
  3. teething pain -baby doesn't want to nurse

    it seems like every time i go to nurse my 4mo old, she will latch for 2 seconds and then turn her head away (trying to take my nipple with her btw) and cry. i bring her back, sometimes change...
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    Re: Breast milk storage

    You can buy both bottles and bags online if you want. I recommend Amazon.com.
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    Re: Breast milk storage

    I haven't done any research to determine whether or not regular plastic bags are safe, but I also don't think I would use them... Bags made specifically for breastmilk storage are sterile and I don't...
  6. Re: Can't quit the nipple shield!

    I had this exact problem. I have large breasts with small flat nipples. I used the shield for the first probably 6wks. I was a little frustrated that no one bothered to tell me the shield was meant...
  7. Re: hunger cues, sleep schedule-i have lots of questions!

    I am trying to encourage her to nurse more often. I'm paying more attention to her and if she gives me even a little hint that she might be hungry, I offer the breast. If she doesn't want it, she...
  8. hunger cues, sleep schedule-i have lots of questions!

    This is going to be a little long... It's been a while since I've been on here so I have a few questions I've been putting off asking. :o If you want to skip my looooooong writing, you can skip down...
  9. Re: How to adjust to baby sleeping longer at night

    I went through this. I was so glad when my daughter started sleeping through the night. She sleeps so well that I wake before her most mornings! I keep a single manual pump on the nightstand so that...
  10. Re: supply fluctuating is making me frustrated!

    I used FAM to successfully avoid and later to help successfully achieve pregnancy after that! And I've read up on EBF while TTA. We haven't attempted sex yet since she was born, but when the time...
  11. Re: supply fluctuating is making me frustrated!

    I'm ok with nursing in public and have before. I admit it's been more out of convenience since I was so busy lately that I've been giving her bottles. I think I need to work on time-management a...
  12. Re: I thought BF babies couldn't be constipated?

    Hmm... I wonder if maybe he's under stimulated? Or over stimulated? Or too warm or too cold? Or maybe it's something weird like he doesn't like the texture of his clothes or a blanket? Does a warm...
  13. Re: I thought BF babies couldn't be constipated?

    :( I'm sorry. I know it works well for many babies, but not all. How do you know he is in pain and not crying for another reason?
  14. Re: I thought BF babies couldn't be constipated?

    He's not constipated. If he is still pooping, even if he is pooping less, then he's not constipated. His poops will get more and more stinky, but as long as they are consistent in color and texture...
  15. supply fluctuating is making me frustrated!

    I really feel like my supply has just plummeted! My daughter usually feeds for about 30-45 min at night and sleeps 5-6 hours at night and my breasts used to be engorged when I woke up in the night to...
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    breastfeeding is fun!

    All the posts on these forums are so serious! Questions and problems and helpful advice... I thought I would start a fun thread! Anyone want to share funny breastfeeding anecdotes?

    I'll share...
  17. Re: what does thrush look like?

    Sizzle... never heard of it! But I suppose what you're saying makes perfect sense.

    I have not had a recent course of antibiotics or a yeast infection. I'll give it the weekend and if I notice...
  18. Re: what does thrush look like?

    The article describes pain after nursing, but the pain I feel is immediate and brief as soon as she latches on and then disappears after a few seconds. When she is finishes nursing, my nipple is not...
  19. what does thrush look like?

    I consulted Dr. Google for some help in relieving what I thought was a relatively minor issue and now I'm a little concerned that what I thought was minor might be thrush... My daughter does not seem...
  20. how do i increase my evening supply??

    In the morning, I feel engorged and my daughter feeds about every 3hrs. She does a good job draining them, but then by late afternoon/evening they feel empty. She feeds more frequently and for a...
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    Re: Baby shaking his head

    When my 5wk old does this, it means she's really hungry. She normally stops a few minutes into the feeding when she realizes that the milk is coming and it's all for her! I usually lean her head...
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    Excedrin while nursing??

    I woke up in the middle of the night with a pretty bad migraine headache. I nursed my daughter and took Excedrin Migraine about 3am. I called the nurse line for my daughter's pediatrician and she...
  23. Help! My 4wk old is making me crazy!

    I think my 4wk old is having a growth spurt and she's either screaming or eating ALL DAY LONG!! After I feed her or after pumping, my breasts feel so empty (for lack of a better way to describe the...
  24. suggestions for a cheap single manual pump?

    I have a Medela double-electric pump to use during the day, but my 4wk old sleeps for up to 6hrs at night and my breasts become engorged by morning. My daughter doesn't always completely empty them...
  25. Re: Washable nursing/breast pads

    I have washable pads and they work just the same as disposables... Not much different except that they don't make the crinkly noise when you move. I prefer to use the washables when out in public for...
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