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  1. Re: 4-day workshop when baby is 16 months old

    At 18 months mine usually are better about staying with daddy more. So she may be ok by then.

    I have to agree about different place though may be the trick.

    I took a workshop for 3 days when...
  2. Re: African american and pink nipples!!!??!

    I'm mexican mine have went from brown to pink (kind of a dark bright pink) with each child. They go back to a brownish when I completely ween. However, I don't think they have ever went completely...
  3. Re: Please help. I don't know whats wrong! =(

    This is so normal, the hospital I had DS at even made (yes we were made, wouldn't be released till I signed I watched it!) to watch a video about it!

    I fell asleep during it and have no idea what...
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    Re: Advice to new "leaky" mom

    Yes, we've had this discussion a few times in my local LLL meeting. We call it the very moist season of nursing-between night sweats (hormones regulating), leaking breast, and wet diapers, it's...
  5. Re: 2 month old always doing hungry cues?!

    I totally agree with the PP.

    And for what it's worth, her "snacking" she may actually be getting more then scheduled "meals".

    The longer you wait to stimulate and/or empty your breast your...
  6. Re: Preparing for baby, lots of breastfeeding questions

    Oh yes you probably will leak on some one if restraining, particularly if you are "full" (of milk, and not just recently pumped). I'm thinking the adrenialin could cause leaking too-like...
  7. Re: Preparing for baby, lots of breastfeeding questions

    It doesn't take 30 minutes.

    You should be able to do it every 3 to 4 hours for 15 minutes. You don't need to rush back to a freezer right away, you could keep a cooler type style bag packed with...
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    Re: Is She Ready?

    Yeah all my kids were eating berries before 1. The only thing about blue berries is they are perfectly round, I would cut them in half, to prevent choking. My kids love smoothies, so I was usually...
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    Re: Is She Ready?

    What I do about questions like this, is ask myself what did mommies do 150-200 years ago, before baby food companies existed? They probably roasted, steamed, boiled, etc food, it was hard to make...
  10. Re: What bottle is best for a breastfed baby on strike

    I am not telling YOU what to do, just telling you what I did. My DD2 had this same thing at about 4 months. Um....I made a decision and it for sure isn't every one's choice of what to do.

    But, I...
  11. Re: Single side feeding and managing outings

    For me the comfort nursing has a lot to do with the time of day. What time was it? Most babies really like to comfort nurse in the evenings. Any time after 7 or 8 for my kids, have meant more comfort...
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    Re: Loosing the latch

    From what I have heard sometimes they get lazy and you have to replace them back on when they do this. At the same time, this is a age I find (from friends and such) that weaning completely does seem...
  13. Re: Single side feeding and managing outings

    Yup yup.

    I have a 6 month old, I've never went any where with out him.

    I once thought I would shop at Walmart alone, when DD1 was about 9 months old, DH had to go home which was only about a...
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    Re: BLS and table food?

    yeah I must agree kids take after their parents fast. My children jump and down and yell yeah when we are having cabbage or collard greens. Funniest thing is my 5 y/o had a friend over for spring...
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    Re: LLL meetings?

    People do both at my meetings, however, under 1 they almost always bring them, over 1 they start staying home with daddy! lol haha That being said, I notice a lot of mommies bring their pjs, and near...
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    Re: BLS and table food?

    I agree with the other posters.

    1) pull babies out first.
    2) baby isn't going to be eating whole servings, so babies serving won't have that much.
    3) It would make good sense all the way...
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    Re: Pumping in a school?

    Yeah I was pretty shocked she asked. That being said I have pumped in front of many people and most don't even realize what is going on. Once you get good at it it's easy. That was mainly though with...
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    Re: Pumping in a school?

    If you are close to your car. I really really like pumping in my car best, when I am away from home. It's the easiest since I can leave my pumping station set up in the back seat-snacks, a beverage...
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    Re: Nursing Bra help

    ok I was told the same thing about underwire. But, I think there is a lot to consider before completely banning them.

    1) Are you prone to low milk supply?
    2) are you prone to clogged ducts?
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    Re: Breakfast ideas for 7 month old?

    Remember there used to be a time before people had blenders, or before there was baby food companies. So regular oats are just fine, personally I wouldn't even grind them up. I mean you can, but you...
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    Re: Weaning...

    It's natural for babies to want to nurse in the bath.

    Is weaning something you want to do, or feel you need to do cause some one has told you that it's time?

    Cause in reality, she could keep...
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    Re: Nursing to sleep

    There's not really a cut off age where it's not ok, most don't go to college still nursing to sleep. lol They all eventually get to a independent stage in life where they will go to sleep with out...
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    Re: Latching

    Just take this for what it's worth, My son was born tongue tied, we had it clipped right away too, but I used a nipple shield till it didn't hurt any more, took him a few weeks. I tried about once a...
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    Re: Pumping in my car

    On really hot days add a extra ice pack or three, and crack the windows. Even just a small crack, if you crack all of them, will vent the car a good 20 degrees cooler then with all the windows up. We...
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    Re: Failure To Thrive

    Her weight doesn't seem scary low to me. My DD's weren't 8 lbs till they were around 8 months. All babies are different sizes. Milestones, and wet diapers are more accurate I think.

    Remember YOU...
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