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    Re: Hungry baby won't eat

    My ds is just like that - but it started at 2 months and is still going strong at 9 mo, unfortunately. We need to nurse in a room with no one else and some white noise (white noise machine or static...
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    Re: Sleeping through the night now!

    Actually, that grunty, loud sleeping may actually mean s/he's peeing or needs to pee. :) Those of us who practice elimination communication (www.diaperfreebaby.org), use that as a signal that baby...
  3. Re: Wont take a bottle, need to go back to work

    I waited until 2 mos to get my ds to take a bottle of expressed milk, which in retrospect was too late, because we also had trouble getting him to take it. I read somewhere to try giving him a...
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