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  1. Re: Bittersweet night weaning soon....

    I basically just started seeing if I could comfort and soothe my son back to sleep by rocking. I never expected it to work, therefore I was never disappointed when it didn't. After about a month, he...
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    Problems when he unlatches

    My child has a wonderful new interest...lightly biting my nipple and slowly sliding off my breast (with teeth still clamped,) partially taking my nipple with him until it pops (OWWW) out of his...
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    Re: Ugh DH hurt my feelings a lil

    My husband used to be so weird about me nursing in front of ANYONE. Honestly, I had to crack a whip. And I had to set up an instance where I had to nurse in public with no options to go anywhere...
  4. Re: GRRRRR. Any advice greatly appreciated!

    When mine starting this, I thought it was cute at first because he would just hold it, then the torture started. Pinching, twisting, you name it. I absolutely cannot stand for him to even brush...
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