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    I need to get my supply back!

    Since I am going back to work in two months, I decided to wean my 10-month old daughter from the breast and start introducing the bottle on a regular basis (to get her ready for daycare).

    Since I...
  2. Re: Wants to suck, but won't take pacifier

    Have you tried pumping before giving your breast fot comfort sucking? This way, he could suck on a relatively ''empty'' breast...
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    Re: Pumping For A Friend!

    Wow, what a great gift you are giving your friend and the baby! Donating such liquid gold is very generous on your part!
  4. Re: Spitting up at 5 weeks- ? too much milk

    What about making your baby burp in the middle of a feeding? My baby daughter started spitting up at around the same time as yours and I noticed that making her burp in the middle of a feeding and at...
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    Re: My pumping stats

    Keeping stats... What a great idea!
  6. Re: breast reduction mommy needs to make more milk!!! help!!

    Fenugreek taken with Blessed Thistle works extremely well! :)
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    Re: Which pump?

    I bought a Medela Freestyle and it works quite well. You can either double-pump or single-pump. I guess the amount of money would depend on how often you're planning on using it. The more you use it,...
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