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    Re: 8.5 month old only wants to nurse

    Thanks for asking. Situation is still the same. She is taking a few sips of water or milk from a cup and a bit of food. She is still happy and growing but nearly attacks me for milk as soon as I get...
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    8.5 month old only wants to nurse

    Hi! I have an 8.5 month old daughter who will not drink expressed milk, eats very few solids, but LOVES to nurse. Here's the backstory...

    I work in a school and am gone for 8 hours per day. I...
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    Re: Exclusive Breastfeeding for a year

    I am the mother of an ebf 6-month old and have been reading and reading about introduction of solids (primarily to make an informed decision, but also to have evidence-based responses for the...
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    12-week old frustrated while nursing

    Hi, my 12-week old LO has been pulling on and off while nursing for the past week. I see her hunger cues and she latches immediately when offered the breast, but after a few minutes she gets upset,...
  5. Re: Sleep and bottle questions for 9-week old

    Thanks for your response! She hit 8 feedings yesterday and looks on track for that today as well. Maybe she was just a little off for those few nights. She refused the paci and ate twice last night....
  6. Sleep and bottle questions for 9-week old

    I have found so much help from other threads as my LO and I learn the art of breastfeeding, but I still have a few questions.

    My DD is 9.5 weeks old. We have had our ups and downs but are doing...
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