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    Conflicted about end of pumping

    We made it a full year! DD turned 1 3w ago, and never had a drop of formula despite my very busy job. She's had a few tastes of cows milk lately but we have a big freezer stash that will keep her fed...
  2. Another Freezer Story - Good this time

    Here's a freezer story i just had to share. It makes me happy to live where i live, where bf is largely accepted.
    We were having trouble with an electrical outlet in the basement where our...
  3. Re: Breast Reduction and Breast Feeding

    HI-Im a surgeon and a breastfeeding mother. If you had "free nipple grafting" then you will not be able to breastfeed because the nipples are removed and re-grafted. You would probably know if this...
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    Re: bleb that won't go away

    I am so sorry that you are having this problem. It is painful and stressful ,I know.The same thing happened to me when DD1 was about that age. I also now have DD2, same age as your DD but i have had...
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    Re: Exercise and milk supply

    I'm all in favor of exercise at all times, including pregnancy and lactation. I dont have the world's greatest supply, but its enough to get by. I have 2 fat happy 100% bf babies and i exercise...
  6. Re: - How do I get her to take a bottle

    I didnt know how to give you a link to a previous thread, so i bumped it up so you can read some of the advice i got when struggling recently with this same stressful problem - its called "wont take...
  7. Another update

    Update - back at work 2.5 mos now. Things have settled down but it took a good month or more. For a couple of weeks we just gave in and worked around her - brought her to work, came home early, etc....
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    Re: Good Pumping Session!!

    I dont think there is an absolute relationship between size and output. Lots of small-breasted women have great supply. I have the same experience that i get less each pumping session - typically 5oz...
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    Poll: Re: WWYD? Places to Pump?!?!

    I think it just depends on where you're comfortable. Your supply wont be as good if you are stressed and uncomfortable, so your personal preference is probably the best answer.
    I pumped in a locker...
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    Re: Good Pumping Session!!

    Great thread! It makes my day if i get 5oz total each session - feel like telling everyone i walk past! (But of course dont...)
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    Re: Which pump would you recommend?

    I vote for Freestyle. I have a PISA and a Freestyle. I used the PISA for a year for DD1, then got the Freestyle for DD2. I leave the PISA at home and carry the Freestyle with me. I am a multitasking...
  12. Update

    Update -we've finally made some progress i think. We tried the Adiri with no luck and also took quite a few days totally off from trying. We're back on the Playtex with the latex nipple, and this...
  13. Re: Using cow's milk for 11m/o once a day???

    I guess i would just tough it out pumping for a few more weeks but i also dont think that starting cows milk now as opposed to 3-4 weeks from now is going to make a huge difference in terms of your...
  14. Re: Wont take a bottle - returning to work and scared!

    Yes, we've tried the various cups spoons etc. I am wondering though if DH tried all those things in quick succession while DD was already upset and thats why all were a failure. I will get him to...
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    Re: Need some ideas...

    I dont have any advice but am interested in others' opinions. I have wondered the same thing. I think i have a brisk letdown (some spraying and popping off to catch breath), and good supply but i...
  16. Update

    Well, i think that "kicking it up a notch" and trying one bottle every day may have backfired. DD hasnt taken a bottle from DH in well over a week. Our sitter tried on Wed and after one refusal (i...
  17. Re: Need advice on when/how to start making freezer stash

    I agree with the advice to pump in the am when supply is often best. I would feed both my DDs in the am and as soon as they fell asleep for am nap, i would pump. This gave me plenty of time to make...
  18. Re: Wont take a bottle - returning to work and scared!

    Thanks Mari I will look for that bottle. You may be right about kicking it up a notch and trying more bottle feeds this week. I have been reluctant to give up nursing her even one time per day let...
  19. Wont take a bottle - returning to work and scared!

    Hi everyone-
    My DD is 12w and i have to return to work next week. We've been trying a bottle once a day most days since about 3w. We've tried medela, born free, and avent bottles. The only one we...
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    Bottle/nipple suggestions

    Hi everyone-
    I am pumping for DD#2, 9w old and a great nurser but not a great bottle feeder (smart girl!). DD#1 nursed for 2yrs - took bottle readily from age 3w - used Avent but she would take...
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    Re: Do I have to give up?

    I had significant plug problems with DD1, despite lecithin and a very regular pumping/nursing schedule. I had my earliest plugs at about 6-7 weeks, but they became a big problem at around 5-7 mos. I...
  22. Re: Birth Control Method - Mirena - anyone have this or using it?

    I got my first Mirena 6w pp after DD1 - insertion was similar to a Pap, not painful. Spotting for quite a while after (4-6w?). No cramps or other symptoms. Never had a true period with it in- only...
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    Re: Past 2 Years for WOTH Moms?

    16 mos old here, working full-time and still nursing. Stopped pumping at 12.5 mos - such a relief to just nurse. I dont know how i could work and NOT nurse - it is such a great reconnection. Not...
  24. Re: Cholesterol Levels and Breastfeeding: UPDATE

    I had the same thing happen with First Colony Life. I was increasing my life ins after DD was born, and of course my cholesterol was high 1 month postpartum and i had no intention of paying high...
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    Re: Plugged ducts

    Agree with most previous posters. Avoid underwire and sportsbras.
    I pumped for a year and had terrible plugged duct problems from about month 4-10. It all resolved when baby started to eat more food...
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