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    Re: Reassurance

    I don't have a lot to suggest, but wanted to say I feel for you. It is so hard- my 11 week old has struggled in much the same way. It IS getting better- I think part of the benefit of growth is that...
  2. Re: Needing support... should I give up?

    Thanks so much for all that information!

    I met with her in person. Latch and suck are in good shape.

    One way or another things are improving. I'm not sure if my LO is managing better...
  3. Re: Needing support... should I give up?

    Thank you mommal. I appreciate your encouragement- And you're right, I do know what it's like to have a great experience, and so badly want it again. I hadn't considered the challenges of exclusive...
  4. Needing support... should I give up?

    This is my first time posting here. I have an 11 week old daughter with whom breastfeeding has been a challenge. With my first, breastfeeding was a breeze, despite colic and reflux. I have had an OS...
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