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  1. HELP!!! Persistent bleb and clogged ducts

    I have a bleb that just will not go away. My duct keeps getting clogged and I get a hard lump in my breast, bodyaches, an nipple pain when breastfeeding. I can see the bleb but it is not huge,...
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    Re: The boob wrangler

    What's a nursing necklace? Maybe she would like one. Does the baby wear it or do you?
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    Re: The boob wrangler

    That's what I call it when she's doing the behavoirs I described in my post. I call it "boob wrangling" because it seems she's trying to wrestle my boob into submission. :lol
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    The boob wrangler

    My daughter is now 3 mos old. she is bf at home and gets expressed milk in a bottle at daycare. when nursing she will latch on and then start slinging her head back and forth, pull off with a giant...
  5. How do you know what size flanges you need?

    I have been back to work for almost two weeks now and am pumping away every chance I get. And I must say, I love, love love pumping in the car on the way to and from work. It is so relaxing.

  6. Re: I feel like a failure after my first day

    Thank you everyone for your advice and suggestions. I am happy to report that my milk supply is picking up. I can still only pump about 3 oz total (maybe small breasts = small storage capacity?)...
  7. I feel like a failure after my first day

    I started back to work today and could not pump enough milk for tomorrow. :cry I have been EBF since birth so I had no idea how much milk my breasts were producing. I could not build a stash before...
  8. Re: Back to work, I don't want to have to stop BF!

    Thanks for all the helpful advice. I printed out the handouts and will give them to my DCP.

    Unfortunately I had thrush and had to throw out my small stash that I had, so no stash. I have...
  9. Back to work, I don't want to have to stop BF!

    FTM and I go back to work on Monday. Trying to figure out the logistics so I can keep BF'ing. I have been EBF since my daughter was born. I will be able to pump at work on my 15 minute breaks and...
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    Thrush meds making nips sore??

    I was diagnosed with thrush last Friday and have been using Clotrimizole and Betamethasone Dipropionate cream to rub on my nipples. Also giving my baby Nystatin liquid in her mouth. My baby seems...
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    The dreaded "T" word, now what?

    I have Thrush. The doctor called in a prescription for some cream to put on my nips and some stuff to rub on Sarah's tongue before she feeds.

    The doctor looked at my nipples and said I have a...
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    Success! And another question

    Just wanted to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who answered my questions about breastfeeding.

    Thanks to the wonderful support and encouragement of the hospital staff when I delivered (my baby...
  13. Help, she is constantly at the breast!

    My baby girl will be 3 weeks old on Friday. Starting yesterday, she has been at the breast almost constantly. She seems satisfied when she unlatches, and when she nurses on one side the other booby...
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    Snipple pain

    My baby girl is two weeks old. When she latches on it is momentarily a sharp pain, which goes away after a few seconds and I start to feel the tingling of letdown. I have flat nipples and very...
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