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  1. Self weaning possible for 1 y/o?


    My daughter will be 1 next Monday. She has ALWAYS loved solids and I have had to restrict them considerably in the past to keep her from reducing how much she nurses. Since around 8 months,...
  2. Baby missing only 1 feeding and I can't pump


    I am a freelance writer and most of the time I just work from home. The project I am on now requires me to be in the office in the mornings and because I am a contract employee and the hours...
  3. 11.5 month old eating too many solids?


    My daughter will be a year old in a few weeks and her solids consumption has suddenly ramped up. She has always loved solids and we've struggled with balancing it with breastfeeding in the...
  4. Re: Amount of milk/dairy with extended breastfeeding

    Egg yolk was one of the first foods we gave our daughter and I say go for it. It is such a nutrient dense food and the recommendations on when to offer it are changing. If you can get pasture raised...
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    Re: baby-led weaning snafu

    I had a hard time strictly doing BLW too. Effectively, we did purees until she was 7 months, then did a mix of finger foods and purees and now she won't tae purees or anything of a spoon except...
  6. Some Encouragement for those with Distractible Nurslings!

    Hi All!

    A few months back I posted about how difficult it has been to keep my daughter focused on nursing. It brought me through a dip in supply and a worry she was "self weaning" and an emotional...
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    Re: 8.5 month BLS/puree questions

    I don't see any reason to stop letting her experiment! I tried giving my 10 month old water from a cup yesterday and she just tried to chew on the rim and then the rest dribbled down her front! She...
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    Re: The Scoop on Poop

    My daughter would routinely go 6 or 7 days between poops at that age and when she went they were MASSIVE explosive poops. The first time it happened it was really pretty shocking how much poop there...
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    Re: What do you call it?

    My daughter is almost 10 months and I'm afraid its likely she will be calling it "boob milk" as that is what I often say, though I do also ask her if she wants to"nurse" often as well. She is a...
  10. Re: 8 month old doesnt like solids or bottle

    I agree with the others, he is totally getting enough! As for the solids, when I introduce a new food, I put it on the tray with food she is familiar with and foods she likes. Sometimes she will end...
  11. Re: Do they ever stop being distractable?

    My baby is almost 10 months and just starting to get back into an interest in nursing. She too, had been very distractable for a long time, and yes, nursing in the dark stopped working! What I had to...
  12. Re: Baby Showing signs of (early) self weaning?

    Oh the distraction has been going on for months, it just got better for a few days and then reverted again. It seems like she will have one really great day of nursing followed by 3 or 4 awful ones....
  13. Re: HELP 10 Month old is refusing to nurse

    I have found that if I hold my daughter very gently but firmly (so that she can't squirm out of my grasp!) she will eventually settle and nurse. It takes a lot longer than I was previously willing to...
  14. Re: My 9 month old might hate nursing ..what can I do?

    My daughter is also about the same age and does all of the things you described. I nurse her 8 times a day or so, but she only really gets my milk to let down half of those times. She arches away,...
  15. Re: HELP 10 Month old is refusing to nurse

    My 9.5 month old and I are having a very similar problem. She too, gained very little weight between 6 and 8 months, at which point I took her to the doc. She does nurse during the day, but never for...
  16. Re: 9.5 month old barely interested in nursing

    Yeah, she has been an AMAZING sleeper right from the beginning. It is only a new thing that she wakes up that early, she used to sleep from 7pm-6am without waking almost every night, from 4 months...
  17. 9.5 month old barely interested in nursing

    I have posted on here before about my daughter's seeming disinterest in nursing and preference for food. I have been trying VERY hard to keep her interested in nursing but it really seems like she...
  18. Re: Baby Showing signs of (early) self weaning?

    It seemed like she was getting better at nursing for a few days and I thought we may have been over the phase, but now she has gone back the other way again. The last three days she has barely nursed...
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    Re: BLS and hating spoon!

    Blueberries are a good option, but I agree, its not a big deal. My daughters favorite thing is a whole peeled apple. I core it for her and its easier for her to handle. She will happily gnaw little...
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    Re: Nursing and aunt flow

    I am having similar issues and I think it is due to the mini pill. I actually stopped taking it a few days ago because my periods were sometimes really long (3 weeks at one point), sometimes I would...
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    Re: Is 3 oz a decent feeding?

    I agree, I felt incredibly undermined by my LC who pushed the nipple shield and then couldn't help me get rid of it (I did get rid of it, though.) Sounds like your supply is totally awesome and as...
  22. Re: Baby Showing signs of (early) self weaning?

    Thank you Auderey! That's super encouraging and helpful.
  23. Baby Showing signs of (early) self weaning?


    My daughter is 9 months old and not very interested in breastfeeding anymore. Naturally, this is a big concern for me. It seems to have gone somewhat beyond the typical "I'm too distracted to...
  24. Re: 3.5 months FREAKING OUT over nightly meds

    Can you put the meds in a bottle of breastmilk and give it to him that way?
  25. Re: How long should I wait to weigh baby after a feeding?

    Birth weight 7lbs 12 ounces, she did not lose enough weight in her first week to concern the doctor, by a week old she was up to 7lbs 7ounces
    (can't find weight from one month, but she'd gained...
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