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  1. Re: *HELP* milk supply suffering after baby hospitalized

    Often when he tries to nurse his nose is blocked and he gets frustrated trying to get the milk out and he starts to cry :( The formula comes out so easy.. and I hate it...although it does satisfy...
  2. Re: *HELP* milk supply suffering after baby hospitalized

    Thanks for the helpful info. In the hospital the day after he wouldn't nurse, I had no pump, my breasts were engorged, they suggested to hand express to get relief, my husband brought the pump in...
  3. *HELP* milk supply suffering after baby hospitalized

    Hi, our 10 week old was hospitalized for 4 days with RSV and my milk has dwindled. He couldn't nurse because he was so sick, he had oxygen in his nose and was fed
    formula during those days he...
  4. Nursing preterm baby, good latch, not getting hind milk

    Hi, our third son was born last week @ 37+3 days. No complications, my placenta was calcified and they induced me at that point. No issues with latching at birth, all
    was fine until my milk came...
  5. breastfeeding a sleepy baby, no letdown?

    Hi, second time around here and a much different experience. First baby was a good suckler and feedings were pretty easy once bf was established. Now, my milk has just come in the other night so I...
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