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  1. Re: Sleeping on the Breast!! Bad Habit??

    I agree Lo is to young to BE A pain. He/she dosen't know any different then to be next to you. As a mother of 3, a 9 y/o, 6 y/o and 1 mon, it goes very fast and there will come a time that you wish...
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    side effects of Mother milk tea?

    I started using mothers milk tea in the morning because my supply would drop in the evenings and ever since strating my Lo has green poops and is "farting" like no tomorrow. He seems very...
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    Re: When does it get easier?

    I also have a 5 week old and I also bottle fed my 9 and 6 year olds. Even though I believe Bf to be much more difficult, I feel it is way more rewarding. The one thing I hate is that no one else can...
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    Re: Spitting up...

    Has your ped checked for Gerd or reflux. This is what it sounds like to me. I would trust your instincts and keep going back to the doc if it keeps up! Good Luck to you and your LO
  5. Re: What do all you working mamas do for a living?

    I am a Alzhiemers Nurse- working in a Long term care facility part- time, my husband works for a printing company as a warehouse man
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    Nervous about Co-sleeping!!

    My Lo is 5 weeks and is the first one I have nursed. At night he eats every 3-4 hours but I am so tired from nursing all day that I'm still exausted at night when he wakes. I put him in bed with my...
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    Emptying Breasts?

    How can you tell if your breasts are empty? I read alot on here to make sure you are emptiyng your breasts during feedings but I have found nothing that states how you tell if they are empty. My...
  8. Re: Pregnant and wanting to BF after awful BFing experience!!

    I also had a cracked nipple and was very sore when I first started BFing. Buy some Lanolin now and start applying it to your nipples. Use a glob on each nipple not just a little. That stuff works...
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    Re: Back to work in a month...

    My son is 4 weeks and he had his first bottle of BM at about 1 week, so I could get some much needed sleep and he gets one every couple of days and I have not had any problems with him not taking the...
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    Re: Don't want to go back!!

    He is also the first one I have nursed and I enjoy every min of it. Even though he will be with my husband most of the time I am at work, it's still not me! Nursing him as been one of the greatest...
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    Don't want to go back!!

    My LO is 4 weeks and in 2 weeks I have to go back to work. With my first 2 children it was a piece of cake. In fact I hate to admit it but I was ready to go back to work way before I did. Now, I...
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    Re: How long do you guys nurse

    my son is 4 weeks and sometimes he nurses every hour or so. I also notice that if he arching his back while showing all the signs of being hungry like rooting, sucking his fingers I try burping him...
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    Re: Preparing to go back to work

    He only goes about 3 hours at night (on a good night) without nursing. I did try yesterday to pump after each nursing session and was able to come up with 3 oz for the whole day. Maybe if I keep...
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    Preparing to go back to work

    My lo is 4 weeks old and I will be going back to work in a couple weeks and I was wondering when you fit in a pumping session to get some stored milk for the first day of daycare. My lo nurses every...
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    Re: When will this end?

    My son is also 3 wks and he also nurses alot. I have noticed that he gives of the same hungry clues like sucking his fingers and rooting when he only has to burp. Once i burp him he calms down.
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    Re: Need help badly ... too early to call??

    hi and so sorry about your soreness. My LO is 3 weeks and when we first got home from hosp my nipples were so sore too. I still had pain even when I used the shield. I took the least sore side and...
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    Re: Green poop??

    My son who is 3 weeks also has lots of green poops and my lactation consultant at the hospital said it's more of what we eat rather than if he is getting the right balance of foremilk/hindmilk.
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    Very eager nurser! Ouch!!!

    My 3 day old is a very eager nurser and my nipple has a bruise and is now cracked. I tried a nipple shield but can not get through the pain even with that. Should I pump this breast until healed and...
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    When to introduce a bottle?

    I am due in about 5 weeks but know that i will HAVE to return to work after baby is about 7-8 weeks. So my questions are :When do i start introducing a bottle in order to be able to bottle feed and...
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