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  1. Re: How often do you pump at work?

    OMG everyone this advice is very helpful!

    staryla, thanks so much for your reply because I feel that we're in similar situations. I now realized that 15 min pumping instead of 10 min pumping lets...
  2. Re: 4 mo old prefers bottle to breast after work

    I have a four month old daughter too and I just went back to work full time. I definitely recommend that you keep her on the breast and NO bottles whenever you are with her. If you are used to having...
  3. Re: How often do you pump at work?

    Thank you both for replying :clap. You're both right that I should pump as often as I can, and I will try to do that. Right now pumping two sessions gets me between 8-10 ounces and that seems to be...
  4. How often do you pump at work?

    Hello Ladies!

    I've been back at work full-time (9am-5pm mostly) for about a week now (my DD is four months old) and I am still trying to figure out whether I should pump 2 or three times while I'm...
  5. Re: I am panicking now (bottle issues)

    Hello! I just went back to work to on Thursday and my work doesn't provide any real space to pump either but I'm determined to pump for my DD so I make sure to get there 30 min before work starts to...
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