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    Re: Still asking

    I felt yesterday that I was ready to wean DS1. He has been getting on my nerves lately (being almost 3, not sleeping well, lots of tantrums) and I felt like him nursing was just one more way he was...
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    oversupply and pumping

    I have a major oversupply. I started block feeding when ds2 was a week old. He now only feeds on one side at a time for maybe 5 minutes and seems satisfied.
    I work 3 days/week and pump while I'm...
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    Re: Exclusively pump and oversupply

    I have a huge appreciation for EPers. I EPumped yesterday and fed DS2 from a bottle (trying to figure out which bottle he would take for our nanny) and it wore me out. Having to pump, then make...
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    Re: Pump adaptor for Breastflow bottles?

    I want to bump this thread as I'm looking for an adaptor also.
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    I think ds2 is a snacker. He's 12 weeks and has really never nursed for more than 5 minutes at a time. I know I have a fast let down, I can pump a good 7 oz in less than 5 minutes (using double...
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    Re: Nightwean 2011

    3 weeks later we are nightweaned. Probably could have considered it a success sooner, but I didn't want to jinx it. He now understands no milk after night-night and pretty much sleeps...
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    Re: Nightwean 2011

    Update on nights two and three of mission Nightwean 2011.

    I feel that its also easier if I don't let him fall asleep on the boob anymore, rather we nurse for a while and I talk to him and keep the...
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    Re: Nightwean 2011

    So last night went better than I thought it would. The first time he woke up he was very mad when I said no milk, no milk after night-night, etc. He wouldn't be held or snuggled. He just cried and...
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    Re: Nightwean 2011

    My dh would be happy to help, but he travels for work and I don't think I can wait another 2 weeks for him to be home.

    I'm starting tonight. I began telling him that we will have books, milk and...
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    Nightwean 2011

    I'm at my wits end. I'm 16 weeks Pregnant and ds still nurses every hour at night (he's 22 months). I'm so sore and tired. I think I'm going to start mission nightwean 2011 but i know it won't be...
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    Re: Workers not supportive

    I work in a hospital (but an adult one, no labor/delivery or pediatrics) and have been pumping in an empty patient room in my ICU for 15 months. My hospital finally got on board with the new law...
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    Re: thinking of pump weaning

    Thanks for all the advice. I guess I'm not as worried about "weaning from the pump" as much as I am ds not getting my ebm when I'm not here. My nanny of 15 months has had a family emergency and has...
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    thinking of pump weaning

    So ds will be 18 months old in 3 days. I've been back to work (part-time, 2 12 hour day shifts/week) since he was 11 weeks. I've been pumping at work since then. I usually only pump 3 times at work...
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    Re: Stopping bottles in daycare at 1 year?

    My ds is almost 15 months. I have a nanny that takes care of him in my house the 2 days/ week I work. We're still doing bottles of EBM although I'm considering switching to sippy cups. He does fine...
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    Re: pumping before birth

    When my ds first latched on the in the recovery room post c-sec I was like "whoa, something's not right, this feels weird" but he had a perfect latch. I just wasn't prepared for the strong sucking...
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    Re: Lack of support already!

    Someone once told me that opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one.

    I find this sooooo true with parenting opinions. I just don't even discuss my parenting choices with many of my "friends"...
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    Re: nursing strike or weaning?

    My 14 mo ds was on a strike for a few days a week ago. His was related to strep throat and associating nursing with his throat hurting. I was very sad and worried that he wouldn't ever nurse again,...
  18. Re: Nursing Strike in 14 month old after strep throat

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the support. I'm pretty sure the strike is over!(knock on wood) He nursed a lot last night and this morning already.
  19. Re: for those who have older babies just starting solids

    My ds at almost 14 months is still not super-interested in solids. We offer him stuff at every meal and he ususally has one bite of each thing and then feeds the rest to the dogs. He's a big boy at...
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    Re: Cues, then cries when offered breast

    My ds did this too at about the same age, the ped diagnosed it as reflux even though he wasn't a super-spitty upper. We started him on some meds and it improved. Perhaps talk to your ped and see what...
  21. Re: Nursing Strike in 14 month old after strep throat

    So he nursed when I got home last night and fell asleep nursing. But when he woke up fussing, he wouldn't take the boob. We gave him some ibuprofen and got him back to sleep with paci. Another time...
  22. Re: Nursing Strike in 14 month old after strep throat

    I work 12 hr shifts so I won't get home until 8Pm tonight. I'm off tomorrow so we'll be together all day. If he refuses to nurse tomorrow, should I offer him EBM in a bottle or just hold out and see...
  23. Re: Nursing Strike in 14 month old after strep throat

    Still giving the ibuprofen and tylenol for pain. I'm working today so he's getting bottles of EBM, but I'm wondering if I should not offer him bottles tomorrow, just try to nurse him and eventually...
  24. Nursing Strike in 14 month old after strep throat

    So ds had fever last Thursday night and wasn't comforted by nursing like he usually is. (we co-sleep and he nurses 6-7 times a night) Friday he had a fever of 103, ped said to give him tylenol and...
  25. Re: Working, pumping, nursing beyond 1 year

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm a nurse in an adult medical-surgical ICU and my hospital doesn't do L&D or babies so they aren't the most supportive or informed about breastfeeding, pumping, etc....
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