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    Re: Lack of support already!

    Its a shame that people feel the need to let you know their opinion on your parenting choices. As a first time mother, I've learnt to just ignore these and filter out anything that may be...
  2. Re: Transitioning from NICU/tube feedings to bottle to breast

    Congrats on your daughter. My DD was born at 30 weeks, and spent 7 weeks in NICU. We were fortunate in that the hospital where she was born, they'd fully support you if you wanted to breastfeed,...
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    Re: not pumping as much

    You've got excellent advice already. It's definitely possible to go to exclusive breastfeeding with a preemie.

    My DD was born at 30 weeks, we brought her home after 7 weeks in NICU.

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    Re: Night Weaning - how and when?

    My DD night weaned when she was 15 months old (13 months corrected). I had been trying the No Cry Sleep Solution technique of gently removing her after she'd stopped actively sucking, but it didn't...
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    Re: Is it crazy...

    No, it's not crazy that you're sad about it. When my DD decided she no longer wanted her feed first thing in the morning, I was very sad about it. :cry It had become such a part of our routine,...
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    Re: Officially one-sided

    Yes, I'm also a one sider now too. My DD stopped nursing from the right when she was around 18 months old. She just decided that the left was all she wanted. I keep offering the right for her two...
  7. Ideas for things to do instead of nursing before bed

    Hi all, my DD is almost 2, and she has recently cut back on the feeds she wants. She only nurses before her nap, and before bed. Though the before bed one is now very short, and only one side. ...
  8. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    When she stops nursing to tell me about things we've done during the day (or days previous), then continues on nursing.
  9. Re: Pumping for Preemie (only .5 oz total/session)

    You've already got excellent advice. I don't have any experience with pre eclampsia caused prem delivery, but I had a prem at 30 weeks, and I pumped for her, with very low supplies at first, but it...
  10. Re: Worried about getting to exclusively breast feeding

    Congratulations on your son. It is definitely possible to still exclusively breastfeed a preemie. As the previous posters can attest to.

    My DD was born at 30 weeks, and spent 7 weeks in NICU. ...
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    Re: How often does your toddler nurse?

    My DD is 22 months and BF's three times a day. First thing in morning, then before her one day nap, then before bed.

    On a very rare occasion she'll ask for it at other times, or if she is sick...
  12. Re: Mum to be... planning to feed till 3!

    Great to hear you are so determined to breastfeed. That's a good way to start.

    Like others have said on here, it can be an idea to take the BF relationship on a day-to-day basis, rather than...
  13. Re: combining nursing and solids - timing

    What I did with my DD when she was that age, was I'd give her a BF when she woke from night sleep, or nap time, then an hour later I'd give her solids meal. If I tried to give her solids before...
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    Re: Is night feedings ok at 14months??

    If its fine with you then it's totally ok. I still nurse my 14 month old daughter during the night. We don't co-sleep, but she usually wakes once during the night and can't resettle on her own...
  15. Re: 18-month has heart murmer is it my fault from caffeine?

    I'll just back up what the others have already said. I seriously doubt caffeine from one red bull a day is what's caused a heart murmer.

    I have one coffee, sometimes two, and sometimes a cola in...
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    Re: menstruation question

    I had 13 months post partum without it. But almost pleased it's back now, as we can soon ttc #2 if we want.

    Enjoy it while it's not happening!
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    Re: She's done, and I'm a mess...

    Well done for your nursing journey with your daughter. :clap I'm sure she'll remember it fondly.
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    Re: nursing a 37 weeker

    Great news! Good size, and healthy baby! The waking does improve, he'll get his own routine. Enjoy him!:love
  19. Re: Formerly Exclusively Pumping, supply low now that we are at the breast!

    Well done on the breastmilk for your very early preemie. As nolies.mama says, it may not be that your supply has gone down. It is very difficult to measure once you are EBF or mostly BF instead of...
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    Re: Would you use this milk?

    I'd use it. As said earlier, EBM is liquid gold! It feels like a criminal offence to pour it down the drain :eek:

    If the medications are regularly given post partum, and are deemed safe for BF,...
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    Re: nursing a 37 weeker

    Sorry, I was just going by the info we were provided with while our DD was in NICU. I guess there is different info out there. I know that it's not recommended that women be induced before 39 weeks...
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    Re: nursing a 37 weeker

    Anything 36 weeks and over is considered full term. All they're doing in there for the last month is gaining weight. The other development has already occurred.

    Babies get the suck reflex around...
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    Re: smell in urine - think teeth

    I'd be inclined to think urinary tract infection also. As smelly urine is one of the symptoms to look out for in babies.


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    Re: are probiotics okay?

    I've not had to give antibiotics to my daughter, but have been told by the health food store I go to, that you can give probiotics to babies. They said, if it's a capsule, just open it up, mix it...
  25. Re: Son not quite 1, but I need advice from mommas who have already been there!

    When my daughter got to about 8-9 months old, her feeds dropped in duration.

    During the day, she will only have one side per feed, and that takes her about 3-5 minutes maximum. During the night,...
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