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    Re: How long have you been

    Wow, made me think, DD1 nursed for 3 1/2 yrs and we're at 18 mths with DD2 so that would be 5 years total!!! :cheer Time flies when your having fun!
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    Re: Vitamin D for toddler?

    Hi there.
    Our bodies manufacture vit. D when we're out in the sun. I don't have a link but I remember that it's very little exposure to just hands and face each day that is sufficient. If you have...
  3. Re: THANK YOU EVERYONE! My twins are 18 months today

    Wow, just nursing twins is a feet but to keep it up through a separation, working f/t and everything else, well, it makes me feel sheepish saying my life is busy. I admire you and your kids are...
  4. Re: ear infection/nursing strike: should I pump?

    That's great news! I'm glad he's feeling better. Funny about learning no during the illness! Toddlers are great fun!
    Take care,
  5. Re: ear infection/nursing strike: should I pump?

    Hi there. In my experience, if you pump and he gets hungry right away, it might take a few extra minutes but he'll still get milk! If it makes you feel better to pump, then go for it! My DD went...
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    Re: Grabbing at shirt

    Hi. Must be something about being 1 1/2 yrs old! My 16 month old has gotten very impatient too. If she so much as indicates she wants to nurse (says "na-na", or flops sideways in my arms), it...
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    Re: toddler fever=not latching?

    Poor thing! If her eating and drinking is really off still today, it would be worth getting checked out. Hopefully all is well though!
    Good luck!
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    Re: toddler fever=not latching?

    Hi. The only experience I have with this is with my DD when she was 9 months old. All of a sudden she wouldn't nurse and after a full day, I figured it was a nursing strike but she wasn't happy at...
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    Re: how does your lo "ask"?

    Hello. Well, my little one is 15 months and figured out how to say "up" pretty early and now says it with 2 syllables to be really persuasive. Once up, she just "assumes the position". My older DD...
  10. Re: Comforts by breastfeeding doesn't eat

    Hi there. Lots of toddlers "live on air" at this age. The nursing he does should reassure you that he's getting the best nutrition then. As for comfort nursing, I call it my secret weapon:cool: . ...
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