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    Re: Breast pump recommendation

    I used to rent a Medela Symphony and I tried the Dr. Brown's Simplisse because they do offer a money back guarantee (I didn't want to be out a lot of money on an unreturnable product) and I love it....
  2. Re: Hospital Woes

    I declined bottles when mine was in the NICU. They tried to pressure me to let them bottle feed, but I insisted no bottles. So they fed him through the NG tube.

    I asked them while I was still in...
  3. Re: Am I being too worried? EBM/Bottle/Sippy question

    I am worried most about his sleep I guess, he practically barely sleeps during the 10 hour day while I am gone. Then all he does is eat and sleep when I get back, presumably because he is getting...
  4. Am I being too worried? EBM/Bottle/Sippy question

    Okay, My LO is 3.5 actual (2 months adjusted).

    Our breastfeeding relationship has been a tough one, and maybe I am just not use to *doing* something for once.

    He was preemie and was fed BM...
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