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    Re: gagging

    Hi there SK

    I found your post searching the forum because I have the exact same problem with my DS, who's 6 months old and exclusively breastfed, too. I introduced solids last week (fruit and...
  2. Re: Bruise on areola - using arnica OK?

    I am going to try a cold compress and then a little arnica cream on the spot. I would not use arnica tablets, I do think as well that they're not OK. I would wait it out but it hurts and the pain...
  3. Bruise on areola - using arnica OK?


    I've had a minor edema/bruise on my right areola for a few weeks now. I guess shallow latching is to blame and we're working on it, 5 week old DS and I. In the meantime, I'm looking for a...
  4. Re: Vasospasm, thrush or poor latch-on?

    Thank you so much for the response. The links are quite useful. I am certainly going to work on getting a better latch and continue with the candida treatment. At the same time I will also follow...
  5. Vasospasm, thrush or poor latch-on?


    A month ago I gave birth to my son with a c-section (hence, antibiotics for a week). Although I was planning to breastfeed him exclusively, we didn't start off well. He could not latch on...
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