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    Re: Mother's milk tea???

    I drink some at work as well. I do think it works somewhat, but I'm not counting on it to increase milk supply. Maybe it maintains it? Overall, just a good tasting tea that can only help.

    If you...
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    Re: Mother's milk tea???

    Duplicate post - ignore
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    Re: Clogged ducts!

    Try taking soy lechitin capsules daily. I take about 2 a day and haven't had a clogged duct since. You may need to take more than 2 to start with before you find what quantity works for you.
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    Nipple Level 1 or 2?

    I have been back at work 6 weeks now and my 5 mo old EBF DS is now getting 3 bottles a day, 3 days a week. I have been using level 1 Born Free nipples but he would only eat while asleep and it would...
  5. Re: Important question about excess lipa

    I have excess lipase and my DS has never had issues with colic, excess gas, rashes etc. He is very happy and content drinking his soapy milk...lol
  6. Re: Personal pump with strongest suction

    I had the same issue. I've been using a rented Ameda Elite hospital grade pump since my DS was born. I am convinced that this is why I am now able to EBF since the pump got my supply up.

    I went...
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    Re: When can I stop taking Fenugreek?

    Same here. Apparently you can stop fenugreek and maintain the new supply, unlike prescription meds where supply dips back immediately.

    I stopped once milk production was sufficient and also when...
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    Re: Is it too late for us?

    I was not using the shield so can't advise on how to get off that, but was able to eliminate supplements, bottles, and one breast at a time feedings. It took me 7 weeks to get from almost all...
  9. Did you encounter bottle preference once returning to work?

    I will be going back to work in a week...my DS will be 15 weeks old. He had bottle preference in the first month since I introduced bottles by mistake. As soon as I noticed that it was interfering...
  10. Re: Give up on nursing? (7wks of EP, never latched, emotionally drained)

    I dont have inverted nipples but at 5 weeks my DS had developed a bottle preference because I was pumping and giving him bottles to clearly see how much he ate. Being a FTM I didnt know the problems...
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    Re: How to pump plugged duct - need help

    Update - fortunately the plug is gone! The baby nursed it out last night as he was really hungry after a 5 hour sleep.

    So still unsuccessful in getting plugs unclogged with the pump - the baby is...
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    Re: fenugreek

    I took fenugreek 3 pills 3 times a day until I finished the bottle of 160 I believe. Took about two weeks. My supply increased by about 30% I would say, and I have been able to maintain it ever since...
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    How to pump plugged duct - need help

    I seem to have a plugged duct since the entire underside of my breast is extremely hard. Production is also down in that breast and my baby refuses to nurse from it. I tried warm compress, hot...
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    Re: Upset at high lipase

    Hi, I have the same lipase issue, my milk tastes like soap. At first I thought it was the soap I was washing the bottles with so I changed about 5 of them only to do a quick search online and find...
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    Re: SNS...

    Amazon.com sells the medela starter SNS for 15.99 and the full version for about $40. I got my starter one for free from the hospital LC after I came home and had nursing issues. I purchased the...
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    Sleep questions - ftm of 2mo old

    I am not sure if I'm putting my baby to sleep at the right cues during the day if he doesn't fall asleep while nursing...I try to put him to sleep when I see that he is yawning, has red eyes or rubs...
  17. Re: Formula introduced, now BF again-- help please?

    You may be able to increase your supply with fenugreek capsules. It worked for me and after a week of taking the pills I no longer needed to supplement with formula. Per drjacknewman.com you need to...
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    Re: fussy @ the breast

    My 2mo old does the same thing and my LC says he does it because now he prefers bottles. I have found that if I put him to the breast right after he gets up from his nap, and he is still half asleep,...
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    Re: New mommy a lot of questions!

    Are you counting from start to start? If you are, then she is eating every 2 hrs which is not bad if you are on cue feedings. My son was doing that at that age because he was constantly hungry (he...
  20. Re: HELP! Suggested dosage of herbs...

    I increased my production by about 30% with herbs. I took fenugreek capsules 610mg 3 at a time, 3 times a day until I finished an entire bottle. Since then I have been able to maintain it with...
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    Re: kneading dough

    My 2mo old does this as well so I only nurse him swaddled. I saw a thread yesterday about a breastfeeding necklace to keep busy hands preoccupied. I was going to try that to see if it would work keep...
  22. Have to trick 2mo old to nurse...Prefers bottles

    I am a FTM and made the mistake of pumping and introducing bottles in the first week thinking that I did not have enough milk. That was true at the time, I have since increased my milk supply with...
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