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    Re: Toddler/Preschooler Check-In

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    Re: Toddler/Preschooler Check-In

    Child's Age: 21 months
    Approx. height/weight: Around 28 lbs. Not sure on height.
    Are you weaned, weaning, or going strong? Going strong
    Sleeping and napping patterns: 1 nap, early afternoon...
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    Re: Can I hear a "hang in there"?

    This too will pass. :hug

    Keep your chin up (or your boobs put up) mama! :hug
  4. Re: I'm Pretty Sure I'll Never be Able to Exclusively Breast Feed...

    Your story sounds like mine. I understand the heartache that wanting to EBF but not being able to does to you. I tried most of the suggestions posted with little effect. Pumping, tea, herbs, etc...
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    Re: We made it!!!!

    Wonderful job! :cow
  6. Re: any tips for getting period back so we can try for #2??

    My DS is 19.5 mo. and I just got my period back last week. He does not nurse at night , and has not for a year, so that may not be a factor for when you do start again. I have noticed that he has...
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    Re: Yay, we're here!


    I am really glad that you made it! It's a great experience and a great accomplishment!

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    Re: Hello all!

    Great job mama! Congratulations!!! :hug:clap
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    Re: Well ... here we are!!!

    Congratulations! You still have much to look forward to as you begin nursing a toddler. Your LO will make you laugh in new ways as he finds his way being more independant and nursing at the same...
  10. Re: I've almost reached my original goal ..

    Several of my close girlfirends (who urged me to nurse in the first place) started making comments about me "still nursing" when my son was getting close to a year. I was so taken aback by these...
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    Re: She can ask for cocoa...

    My DS, 18 months, is a little man of few words. He does not yet have a name for nursing and simply comes up to me and tugs on my shirt or pulls the boppy over to me. I know he loves to nurse no...
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    Re: In PANAMA (the country)

    I don't now anyone in Panama but you are free to email me to chat or you could just communicate on these posts. Sorry you are so far away and can't be around others who nurse! :hug Keep up the...
  13. Re: Night shift and extended nursing

    I don's have any answers for you but you sound like you could use a hug! :hug
  14. Re: You know you're nursing a preschooler when...

    Yous DS shows you his growing muscles by pulling the boppy over to nurse.
  15. Re: So happy to meet you ladies!

    Like you I get alot of good support from the group. I am not a big sharer (not really a word but what the heck!) but WELCOME!
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    Re: Feeling a little sad...

    :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug

    Hugs and lots of them...ok, the system will only let me give you 7 hugs but I would give you more if I could. Stay strong mommy!
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    Re: wellbutrin and breastfeeding?

    I have taken Wellbutrin, Celexa and one other which I can't remember the name of since nursing my 17 month old son. My DR told me they were all safe and that the milk transfer rate was really low. ...
  18. Re: "strange habits" to my other kids

    I have a twiddler too! My DS is 15 months and eats one and plays with one. I am home most of the time with him so he nurses on demand, which is still 6-8 times a day. The only problem I run into...
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    Re: Pressure to wean at one year

    My Ped recommended that I stop breastfeeding at 2 months...they do not always know best...I too am following my LO's lead and am still breastfeeding at almost 13 mo. Keep up the good feedings mommy!
  20. Re: nursing down--unbreakable latch--what are your tricks?

    I also nurse down my DS and now we have it down but in order to get there I would walk into his room while he was still attached and start playing a CD. I would continue to nurse him for the first...
  21. Good to hear about other extending nursing

    I just wanted to tell everyone how appreciative I am to hear that others are doing extended nursing too. My DS turned one last week and neither one of us is ready to stop nursing. I however, am the...
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