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    Re: Beer to increase supply?

    Try lactation bars. Yummy and chocolate makes me feel good :) There are tons of recipes online.
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    Re: Pumping at work for an almost 1 yo

    Keep up the good work! I pumped until my dd was 18 months old. I became a sahm after that. I pumped a little less frequently after a year, but always felt good about leaving my milk when I couldn't...
  3. Re: Best bottle to not screw up latch/suck?

    When I went back to work we tried tons of different bottles. Turns out it was just time needed to learn how and we ended up using the bottles that came free with my pump. We spent a lot of money...
  4. Re: can you have plugged duct with no symptoms?

    Mine stayed around because I kept putting strain on it from a lazy nursing position. Then I switched and my back got sore. I really need to hit the gym and work on core strength. :)
    Anyway, best of...
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    Re: Question about bacteria...

    Maybe try spraying on a little vinegar then rinse. If you don't mind the smell.
  6. Re: can you have plugged duct with no symptoms?

    Could it be a strained muscle? I've had to change positioning a bit in the past because I strained a muscle. The pain was just under my breast almost along one rib but seemed to be in my breast as...
  7. Re: Supply decreasing due to pumping at work?

    Overall size if breast does not necessarily indicate flange size. I too thought I needed the smallest but found the middle size actually were a better fit. You may want to double check that you have...
  8. Re: Newborn baby nurses but doesn't get full

    I really don't want to add confusion or needless worry to your situation, but I wonder a bit about the preference for a side. Some babies just have a side preference with no reason. Some prefer the...
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    Re: Allergies in Breastmilk

    This is what i found on ee.
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    Article bfing mom look like

    I like this article, but do the examples make it seem as if IGT is more common than it is? So many moms are incorrectly told they aren't making...
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    Re: need help fast!

    Mommal- Thank you for that link! I wish I had that resource to hand to the doctors I fought with my first child. It might have made the fight a bit easier. I am printing that so I have it just in...
  12. Re: how many times should I pump each day?

    I found that I needed to pump every 2-3 hours (20 mins per session) to get about 1.5 oz per hour away as mommal pointed out. However, my coworker had to pump every 2 hours. She found if she went 3...
  13. Re: Storage bag recommendations needed!

    I liked lansinoh.
  14. Re: Going out of town - baby won't take bottle

    My dd always liked her ebm cold. Warming it up seemed to change the taste in a way she did not like. So we gave it to her direct from the fridge in a bottle with the nipple at room temp. Also, we...
  15. Re: Why do I feel teeth all of a sudden.

    Just wanted to update for those searching in the future. I'm pregnant. I guess me feeling teeth was the beginning of the hormone roller coaster I'm on now :) Wish me luck :)
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    Re: I pumped 18 oz in one sitting

    When I first went back to work I pumped that type of volume. This did not last though. I always had to be sure to protect pump frequency but always had enough. It was a shock to me when my supply...
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    Re: Vitamin D?

    We use the drops that are Bit D only rather than the additives. They carry them at GNC and most natural food stores. I keep trying to get my CVS to carry them.
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    Re: re-intro and a question

    I had os with my first and it was not easy. IHowever, she loved/loves nursing! So even if you have is again it doesn't mean this baby will necessarily struggle as much with it. And having been...
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    Re: Out of options..

    We did Zantac too, but it didn't seem to totally fix the witching hour problem. I remember nursing my dd while standing on one leg, holding her upright sort of along my body sitting on my bent leg,...
  20. Re: 10.5 month old still feeding very frequently

    My lo sometimes nurses out of boredom. If we are home all day and I'm trying to gey chores done she'll ask to nurse what feels like constantly but if we go to the playground, take a walk talking...
  21. Re: Why do I feel teeth all of a sudden.

    Thanks for your responses. I'm starting to think it is at least in part hormonal. Since AF came back I'm a bit sensitive at that time of the month. I'm realizing now that this may also be happening...
  22. Re: Why do I feel teeth all of a sudden.

    Thank you meg. I'm going to try holding her up a bit higher. I think it might be gravity working against us. Based on that article and what you said, I will have to watch that when I hold her higher...
  23. Why do I feel teeth all of a sudden.

    My lo is 2 years old and nurses @ 8 times a day. Everything seems to be going great. All of a sudden this week I seem to be feeling her teeth. She isn't biting and doesn't have any new teeth. I have...
  24. Re: How often does your 2-3 year old nurse?

    I have not done a night weaning process but I do the "never offer/never refuse" except sometimes I delay. That girl nurses for thirst, hunger, comfort, boredom, play (pretending she's a baby seal...
  25. How often does your 2-3 year old nurse?

    Hi- My dd is 2.5 years old and on a typical day she breastfeeds 6-8 times during the day and 2-3 times overnight. So 8-11 times in 24 hours. I've seen a few posts where people seem to think the...
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